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Good Bye My Friends!


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I am leaving this forum. Please think your good friend was gone forever.

Bye my friends



Again back


Which gives an entire new meaning to the word "forever", De Beers may well sue you for this :w00t::ph34r:



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At one point, I wanted to leave about two years ago, because I had some disagreements with some of the core members.  But I learned you get these issues on all forums, and it's not worth it to harbour bad feelings.  I really like the sense of collaboration and assistance on this forum.  Lots of good advice here.  So I'm glad I stayed.


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I think this is forum to Introduce your self. No need to post same thing everywhere. I'm working to resolve as much issues as possible.

Please move or merge your posts about site issues in the proper place.


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You may have confused me with someone who can merge or move posts. 
And with all due respect with regard to "same thing everywhere", I wasn't talking to you.  Don't assume that everyone reads everything everywhere (although in fairness, jaclaz probably does).

You should probably expect some chatter all over the place after a major update like this.  My advice to you is to ignore it.

Oh, and thank you very much for working to resolve issues!


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