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Script error by install routine


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first problem :


I have set up all intallation files on WPI ,all works fine, but  when i run a reboot agter programm installation, the installer call me there is a script error on the site, but the reboot is works fine and the message goes away, every time with the reeboot command {REBOOT} 5  is the same error

is there anyone who have a solution for this problem ?


second : when wpi starts the instalation the network connection failed with step 2/3/4 ,appears only, all work fine after the error, is there any solution to hide the error ?


regards Andy

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Have you modified a file in such a way where a quote mark (or similar type character) was accidentally removed? WScript is a .exe and I wouldn't think it would show up as being "undefined" unless the files were modified or you are using a lited OS. :unsure:

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i dont have modifyed the script core.js i cannot say what is the problem about that script

and the script is the original from first installation

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Not exactly my field of experience, but line 431 of core.js of WPI should be:

Wscript is a "standard" script parser for the Visual Basic Script language on *any* windows, if you open a command prompt and type in it:

Wscript /?


a popup window should come up.

If it doesn't, it means that for *some reason* your environment is faulty.


Try copying the following and pasting it in a new file, name it test.vbs:

WScript.Echo "Hello World!"Wscript.Sleep(1000)WScript.Echo "Hello again!"

then double click on test.vbs.

What happens?



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