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  1. i have tested, WPI does not start, script error in many scripts, after the change
  2. Here is the Original core.js thanks a lot in advance for your help ! core.js
  3. tested, open a window "Hello World" klick on OK then "Hello Again"
  4. i dont have modifyed the script core.js i cannot say what is the problem about that script and the script is the original from first installation
  5. shhhiiii..... dont fix the problem, the program will not install when i delete the 431 grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....**** ;-)
  6. done ! have solved by myself , delete the 431 and it works
  7. program ist up to date , the issue is the same see attchment
  8. if you lonely? buy a dog!

  9. Hi Kelsenellenelvian this is Version 8.7.2 on windows 7 64 bit my config.js you will find in attachment thanks a lot in advance config.js
  10. I love this tool too, its easy to install and learning !!! TOP !!!
  11. first problem : I have set up all intallation files on WPI ,all works fine, but when i run a reboot agter programm installation, the installer call me there is a script error on the site, but the reboot is works fine and the message goes away, every time with the reeboot command {REBOOT} 5 is the same error is there anyone who have a solution for this problem ? second : when wpi starts the instalation the network connection failed with step 2/3/4 ,appears only, all work fine after the error, is there any solution to hide the error ? regards Andy

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