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Windows Classic Desktops

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I just made a cool Windows Classic color scheme, and thought I'd share it.



Had to upload this image again because MSFN somehow lost it.  :whistle:


If you have a nice-looking desktop using the classic theme, feel free to post it in this thread!

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Here is my Windows for Workgroups 3.11 desktop. The OS is running on a FAT32 partition under MS-DOS 7.1 (Windows 95 OSR 2.5) on my IBM PC 300GL:


And the same machine on Windows 95:


And Windows 2000. For seven years I ran a 95/2k dualboot on my only desktop until I could start moving up in the PC world:


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empty desktop:



and here is a busy screenshot, just an example to show what it looks like when working on things:



the theme is a customized version of the classic windows "Lilac" theme. all i did was change the title bars to a solid color instead of a gradient, and set the desktop color to a nice dark purple.

classic shell is used with the "classic windows captions" theme for the start menu, t-clock redux for the taskbar clock and some other utilities such as caps lock indicator, which shows me my caps lock, num lock and scroll lock status. and even gives a nice little notification when i press one. and the mouse cursor theme is called "Metro X3", specifically the light black variant.


(copy pasted from windows 7 desktop thread)

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