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Warning! Windows 10 is "breaking" hard drives. No joke&#33


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I just shelled out $320 thinking my hard drives had failed and it's all because of Windows 10.  :realmad:


Read more here.


I didn't even get to finish setup on Build 9879 and it messed them up so steer clear of that build at least. Leave it to MS to come up with a way to make software "break" hardware.  :puke:


It's an easy 2 minute fix if you haven't already shelled out money to fix or replace what seems to be dead drives.


If you hadn't heard the term "PUIS" before, you have now.

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Yep, but it is the whole idea that is deeply flawed, PUIS should NOT be even thought of on workstations/normal PC's, it is a "feature" that is typical of servers/raid enclosuresor cards/NAS's etc,:


just like Staggered Spin-up:



Whether it could be a good idea for Hybrid SSD's/HDD's and power saving is highly debatable (and actually may make some sense ONLY on battery powered devices AND ONLY when they are not connected to mains), and in any case it should be an "opt-in", possibly hidden from "common user" and/or "protected" by a really scaring popup message.


Here is the (feeble) explanation by a Mr.Lee Prewitt:



Please note how the "fix" :


only relates to one of the two possible symptoms.


It is simply unbelievable that a check for the device type (or for the BIOS support) has not been implemented and that such a potentially dangerous setting is "default" on all devices. 



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Like you could foresee it screwing up peoples hardware. C'mon!


You may know now in hindsight but virtually no one on the planet could have seen something this drastic happening.


And I was running it in a VM, but it was slow as dog due to the virtual hard disk speed, so I went on to try it out in a dual boot scenario. Not to run it as my main system.

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I too wouldn't dare yet put Win 10 on anything but a VM, and like Andre I run my VMs (at least the ones I use a lot) from my SSD array.  And of course it's reasonable that experienced people would choose to run pre-release software in a limited environment - precisely because there WILL be problems, and the damage from them could be significant. 


It's the only way to test, and the advantages of being able to revert to snapshots vs. invoking an involved repair or restoral process...  Well, you can only imagine.


I'm a bit surprised so many folks are choosing to make Win 10 their "main" OS on their hardware.  I guess most folks think that their data isn't worth much.


That being said, there are always things - like this very power up state problem - that one can never be sure of until you run it on real hardware.  I figure that's what everyone else is for.  :)



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Do you know he was let go, taking with him a whole boatload of OUR money, so he could go buy a basketball team?  What kind of ridiculous person aspires to own a basketball team?




Or the other guy, who no doubt got HIS golden parachute too.





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Windows 10 at this point was always Windows 8.2 by another name and with a new coat of paint. Or at least that what it was to me. What you like is still there, but what you dislike is also still there. I'll wait still the final product to see if this is still the case.


One thing is for certain though. I'll keep using Windows 7 until Microsoft cuts support. Here's hoping Windows 7 is XP 2.0.

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