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Guide for Unofficially Updating Windows 2000

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Does there exist a guide for installing the unofficial Windows 2000 updates? I've been experimenting and using Windows 2000 with the unofficial updates for a while now, and I'm still not 100% sure in which order the updates should be installed in. Not only that, but I'm also curious about what other updates there may be, and the Unofficial Service Pack 5 and how useful it really is when you already have a Windows 2000 with all of the official updates from Microsoft.


I have learned already that tomasz86's and BlackWingCat's packages should not be installed together. For example, installing Unofficial Update Rollup and then BlackWingCat's extended kernel files will make Windows blue screen at the desktop. Or at least in my experience it has.


I'm still kinda wondering what benefit exactly the Unofficial Service Pack 5 has now. The way I see things: back in the day (2006, I think), having all of those post-SP4 updates incorporated into one package would've been advantageous. But now, as long as Windows 2000 is already up to date when the unofficial packages are installed, what's the point? Maybe I'm missing something, I'm just assuming that USP 5 was designed with update convenience in mind.


If you have experimented with the unofficial updates for Windows 2000, I kindly ask you to share your experiences. What worked for you? What didn't work for you? It'd be nice to know what is recommended and what should be avoided, so that newcomers such as myself have a better grip on the process from the beginning.

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Well, I also had many problems when I tried to install together Unofficial Update Rollups and then BlackWingCat's extended kernel files before a few months, but recently I acomplised to install them together (after I failed 3 times and installed Windows again 3 times) and my system is working perfectly now, it is very stable, and I also installed modern software without any problem! I installed winrar 5.11, latest vlc, latest tor browser, latest ytd-youtube downloader, firefox 30 portable (I want to try the latest version as soon as possible), latest flash player, and other software! I also installed BlackWingCat's nVidia drivers (for GT 520) without any problem!


I will post a guide and my personal experience of the installation soon!

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Good work! and I look forward to your guide.


Since you have managed to put together UUR with blackwingcat’s extended kernel for OS installation, it will be interesting to see whether you are also able to update your running system as new versions of KernelEx are released.

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This is the guide for installing Unofficial Update Rollups and Extended Kernel files together!


First of all I don't take any responsibility if something goes wrong  to anyones Windows 2000 installation. Follow this guide at your own risk.


Personaly I hadn't any problems during or after installation, the system works perfectly and lots of modern programs which didn't work in the past on Windows 2000 work excellent now without any problems.


And I want to thank tomasz86 and BlackWingCat for their excellent work!!


Files needed:

Unofficial Update Rollup 1 (Windows2000-UURollup-v10d-x86-ENU.exe) and Unofficial Update Rollup 2 (Windows2000-UpdateRollup2-x86-ENU.exe) by tomasz86 (download site here), IE6.0SP1-KB2722913-WINDOWS2000-X86-ENU.EXE and Windows2000-KB935839-v25b-x86-ENU.exe by BlackWingCat (this is the version of the extended kernel I tried and it worked fine, I don't know if older versions work with the Update Rollups also installed.) Download site here.


The steps:

1) Install the IE6.0SP1-KB2722913-WINDOWS2000-X86-ENU.EXE and reset Windows.


2) Install the Windows2000-KB935839-v25b-x86-ENU.exe (BlackWingCat's extended kernel) and reset again.


3) Install the Unofficial Update Rollup 1 (Windows2000-UURollup-v10d-x86-ENU.exe) and reset (You have to terminate explorer process from task manager in order to install it).


4) Install the Unofficial Update Rollup 2 (Windows2000-UpdateRollup2-x86-ENU.exe) and reset.


5 )Now reinstall the IE6.0SP1-KB2722913-WINDOWS2000-X86-ENU.EXE and reset. Don't uninstall it first, just run the exe file again.


6) Also reinstall the BlackWingCat's extended kernel, just run the exe and install it, without uninstalling it first.


That's exactly what I did and my PC works fine! I don't know if the the first and the second steps are necessary since you will install them again finally, but I suggest to follow all steps since this way of installing UUR and KernelEx together works.


If you have any unofficial updates installed I recommend you to uninstall them first and then follow the steps! I had only SP4 installed, no unofficial updates.


Here are two screenshots of the working system!





If anyone try it, please share with us your experience and the results of installation!

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Hmmmmmm - very tempted to go back and run Windows 2000.  I really liked it.  What's the latest browser you have managed to run?

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The web browser I am using is latest version of firefox ESR (31.6) (portable version), it runs excelent without any problem and is fast and stable! I didn't manage to run the latest portable version of "non-ESR" firefox (37), it gives me an error message saying "Couldn't load XPCOM". I also used the version 30 of firefox without any problem. I also tested the latest version of opera, the offline installer, but it didn't install, started the installer but stopped during the installation, not terminated with error, just stopped loading the process bar. I left it "installing" about an hour, but it didn't continue.


Here is a list of some other programms I have installed so far and they are working perfectly. Some of them (or their installers) need to be opened with Application Compatibility Launcher from UUR first.

  • Latest version of vlc
  • Latest version of ytd-youtube downloader
  • Latest version of winrar
  • Latest version of OpenOffice
  • Avast version 8 (installer configured by tomazs86, you can find it at his site)
  • Latest version of ImgBurn
  • Latest version of Tor Browser
  • Latest version of Adobe Flash player
  • Latest version of Audacity
  • Latest version of Transmission-Qt (BitTorrent client)
  • Find subtitles 1.0 (The only official version)
  • Latest version of CPUID HWMonitor and CPU-Z
  • Teamviewer 8 (I think it's the latest version)
  • Latest version of Mobile Media Converter


To view PDF files I use firefox, I didn't try any program for PDF files.


I also installed Format Factory, and it works but not even ok, in every window it opens you can't see anythink unless you click something if you kown where it is or if you are lucky. But I managed to convert some videos to mp3 audio.


I also installed Gimp 2.8, it loads very fast, but when the program opens it just stop responding, and the gimp process uses about 50% of cpu (as I saw in task manager). I don't know what is the problem.

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