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  1. Sorry for digging but I know a way to control updates.. Actually you can enable and disable windows update service! You can manualy do this by running services.msc and find windows update service, stop it and disable it, and if you need it you can enable it again! It stops Windows Update, downloading drivers from windows update, installing missing windows components (for example I needed .net framework 3.5, but in order to install it I had to enable windows update service) and installing apps from store! I made 2 very simple command line scripts (cmd file type), one to enable and one to disable wuauserv service, but you must run them as administrator! Windows Update Start Code : sc config wuauserv start= demand net start wuauserv Windows Update Stop Code : net stop wuauserv sc config wuauserv start= disabled Windows Update Start.cmd Windows Update Stop.cmd
  2. Nice work!! Unfortunatelly I haven't XP drivers so I can't try it at the moment.. But as soon as I find these files I will try it! Have you got any idea for making the display adapter work?
  3. I googled the VEN_xxxx&DEV_xxxx string and I found some other versions of driver (Etron USB), I installed them but nothing changed, still error code 10, still says "The device cannot start". Also checked the link, tried to download the driver, but when I tried to download it there was a problem, the file wasn't still there. So I tried to change the installation directory of the driver but it didn't work. Correct me if I am wrong, but do you mean Etron USB will not work, right? And if USB 3.0 is impossible to work, can I somehow make the display adapter work? BTW, Thank you, all of you, for the help!
  4. Etron USB 3.0 Extensible Host Controller : PCI\VEN_1B6F&DEV_7052&SUBSYS_70521849&REV_00\4&3a198ec7&0&0014 AMD Radeon HD 8330 : PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_9832&SUBSYS_98321849&REV_00\3&11583659&0&08 I found them with another program since device manager hasn't details tab in prooperties window.
  5. First I should say that I tried some things with the official drivers, I modded the inf files from Windows XP drivers (deleted NTx86 and .NT) and Windows 2k used these drivers, i installed them from device manager, Windows installed the devices, but there are problems. About USB, the chipset is Etron, I used the official driver but the device can't start, it says “error code 10, the device can not start” or something like this. I installed an AMD USB 3.0 Host Controller driver for the second usb unknown device it listed in device manager, and it says “The device is working properly” but the USB 3.0 ports don't respond. I also installed the SMBus driver, I also modded it first. Then I modded the inf file for display driver, I installed it, and the device manager says the device is working properly, but the only resolution is working is still 640x480 with 16 colors, and from display properties, in settings tab, says the adapter is VGA, it doesn't recognise the card. I clicked advanced and the card was unkown it sayed. Then I installed the rest of drivers (network, sound) but there is still an unknown device. What do you mean with VEN/DEV values? And thank you for responding!
  6. I have installed Windows 2000 to this motherboard but I didn't find any unofficial driver. Are there any drivers for usb 3.0 (I haven't problem if it works at 2.0 speed) and for graphics? Information about the motherboad here. Thanks in advance!!
  7. The web browser I am using is latest version of firefox ESR (31.6) (portable version), it runs excelent without any problem and is fast and stable! I didn't manage to run the latest portable version of "non-ESR" firefox (37), it gives me an error message saying "Couldn't load XPCOM". I also used the version 30 of firefox without any problem. I also tested the latest version of opera, the offline installer, but it didn't install, started the installer but stopped during the installation, not terminated with error, just stopped loading the process bar. I left it "installing" about an hour, but it didn't continue. Here is a list of some other programms I have installed so far and they are working perfectly. Some of them (or their installers) need to be opened with Application Compatibility Launcher from UUR first. Latest version of vlcLatest version of ytd-youtube downloaderLatest version of winrarLatest version of OpenOfficeAvast version 8 (installer configured by tomazs86, you can find it at his site)Latest version of ImgBurnLatest version of Tor BrowserLatest version of Adobe Flash playerLatest version of AudacityLatest version of Transmission-Qt (BitTorrent client)Find subtitles 1.0 (The only official version)Latest version of CPUID HWMonitor and CPU-ZTeamviewer 8 (I think it's the latest version)Latest version of Mobile Media Converter To view PDF files I use firefox, I didn't try any program for PDF files. I also installed Format Factory, and it works but not even ok, in every window it opens you can't see anythink unless you click something if you kown where it is or if you are lucky. But I managed to convert some videos to mp3 audio. I also installed Gimp 2.8, it loads very fast, but when the program opens it just stop responding, and the gimp process uses about 50% of cpu (as I saw in task manager). I don't know what is the problem.
  8. This is the guide for installing Unofficial Update Rollups and Extended Kernel files together! First of all I don't take any responsibility if something goes wrong to anyones Windows 2000 installation. Follow this guide at your own risk. Personaly I hadn't any problems during or after installation, the system works perfectly and lots of modern programs which didn't work in the past on Windows 2000 work excellent now without any problems. And I want to thank tomasz86 and BlackWingCat for their excellent work!! Files needed: Unofficial Update Rollup 1 (Windows2000-UURollup-v10d-x86-ENU.exe) and Unofficial Update Rollup 2 (Windows2000-UpdateRollup2-x86-ENU.exe) by tomasz86 (download site here), IE6.0SP1-KB2722913-WINDOWS2000-X86-ENU.EXE and Windows2000-KB935839-v25b-x86-ENU.exe by BlackWingCat (this is the version of the extended kernel I tried and it worked fine, I don't know if older versions work with the Update Rollups also installed.) Download site here. The steps: 1) Install the IE6.0SP1-KB2722913-WINDOWS2000-X86-ENU.EXE and reset Windows. 2) Install the Windows2000-KB935839-v25b-x86-ENU.exe (BlackWingCat's extended kernel) and reset again. 3) Install the Unofficial Update Rollup 1 (Windows2000-UURollup-v10d-x86-ENU.exe) and reset (You have to terminate explorer process from task manager in order to install it). 4) Install the Unofficial Update Rollup 2 (Windows2000-UpdateRollup2-x86-ENU.exe) and reset. 5 )Now reinstall the IE6.0SP1-KB2722913-WINDOWS2000-X86-ENU.EXE and reset. Don't uninstall it first, just run the exe file again. 6) Also reinstall the BlackWingCat's extended kernel, just run the exe and install it, without uninstalling it first. That's exactly what I did and my PC works fine! I don't know if the the first and the second steps are necessary since you will install them again finally, but I suggest to follow all steps since this way of installing UUR and KernelEx together works. If you have any unofficial updates installed I recommend you to uninstall them first and then follow the steps! I had only SP4 installed, no unofficial updates. Here are two screenshots of the working system! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-OrzZexcxu6QmlVZEk5SHRIdWc/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-OrzZexcxu6OE9nTE92NDM5SE0/view?usp=sharing If anyone try it, please share with us your experience and the results of installation!
  9. Well, I also had many problems when I tried to install together Unofficial Update Rollups and then BlackWingCat's extended kernel files before a few months, but recently I acomplised to install them together (after I failed 3 times and installed Windows again 3 times) and my system is working perfectly now, it is very stable, and I also installed modern software without any problem! I installed winrar 5.11, latest vlc, latest tor browser, latest ytd-youtube downloader, firefox 30 portable (I want to try the latest version as soon as possible), latest flash player, and other software! I also installed BlackWingCat's nVidia drivers (for GT 520) without any problem! I will post a guide and my personal experience of the installation soon!
  10. Hallo. I recently bought a Huawei E122 modile broadband modem to connect to the internet from windows xp. But i want to install it to windows 98 to connect to the internet from there too. Is there any way to install it? Or can I connect throw windows xp from windows 98(I mean: windows xp connected to the internet throw the huawei modem and windows 98 connected to windows xp machine but windows 98 has internet too) windows 98 and windows xp are in diferent machines. Is any of these possible? I prefer the installation of the modem. If it's possible. Please help.
  11. OK. There is no problem. I will buy a sound card from eBay. But Thanks for all!
  12. This is a solution. But are you sure that there isn't any way to install the current sound card? To install a compatible driver like the grafik card? If it possible. Otherwise I will buy an other sound card with Windows 98 drivers.
  13. No. I didn't buy this motherboard for Windows 98 but for Windows 7. And I have already tryed with Virtual PC 2004 but it's very slow, and Windows 2000 and XP don't run the applications and the games. But thans. Thanks very much!! I have installed the chipset driver first and then the universal "Bearwindows" driver and the display is fine. 1280x1024 with 32bit color. Thanks!! And has anyone any idea for the sound? Please help.
  14. Hello I want to install Windows 98 SE in a PC which has a Gigabyte G31M-ES2L motherboard, 1GB RAM, an Atheros AR8131 Gigabit Ethernet network card, an Intel G33/35 Chipset svga card and a Realtek ALC883 soundcard. The processor is Pentium Dual-Core @ 1.80 GHz. I have already installed Windows 98 SE, there is very much speed, but I have a problem with the drivers. I can't find any driver. Any idea? Is there any way to install these drivers? With an .inf file? With Windows 98 DDK? Please help. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hello I have read this article and I 've got exactly the same problem. I need a Windows 98 SE driver for realtek ALC883. Is there any way to install this? With an .inf file? With Windows 98 DDK? Please help. Thanks in advance.

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