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POSReady 2009 updates ported to Windows XP SP3 ENU


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After Roffen asked for help last Thur with the POS registry entry ... I got to thinking maybe I could at least update IE 8 on my WinXP setup. I quit getting any WinXP updates after April 2014. So my IE 8 has had no updates since then ... a few days ago heinoganda posted a manual Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 8 for WES09 and POSReady 2009 (KB4012204).

I really am not too interested in all the 'extra' WinXP updates that have been released starting in May 2014 but I have thought having IE 8 updated might be nice.

Anyway, after installing the POS registry entry the IE 8 Cumulative Security Update did install ... so that part of IE 8 should be a little better on my setup. I am not sure what all the IE 8 Cumulative Security Update supplies ... maybe all the updates since I last updated IE 8 in 2014 ... since the word Cumulative is used. I'm sure I am missing some other IE 8 security updates but I have no way of knowing what all those would be since 2014. I don't really use IE 8 anymore ... this was just an idea and an experiment.

I tried the MS update just now and it just ran for 15 minutes with nothing except my CPU building up heat. I am reading about others waiting forever for updates. I'm not interested in going that route but in the future I can at least apply the IE 8 Cumulative Security Update.

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Hey, Bersaglio - I followed your advice and also installed the other three updates for Excel 2003-2007 and now my version is 11.8412.8438.  That's .0004 higher than you!!

Wow !!!!

However, should I now RE-install the three Office 2007 Compatibility Pack updates that came this past Tuesday, KB3127945, KB3178677 and KB3178682 ?  How can I do that?  Downloading these from catalog.update.microsoft.com, extracting each zip to a folder and "Applying" the .msp file (or "Opening with" Windows Iinstaller) does not seem to do anything.

EDIT - Belay that.  I found the Office Admin Update Center in Administrator Options in Microsoft Update, it brought me to Popular Office downloads, its search box worked for the three KB numbers, I downloaded the three -glb.exe self-install files, and running each of them tells me I already have the update installed.  Another accomplishment with XP !!!

Did I tell you that the front panel of my XP computer is held on with black electrical tape?

Thanks, Bersaglio !!!

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I just wanted to note this here for anyone looking to run older/newer games on xp - WineD3D "Stable" currently still supports XP, and acts as a wrapper around DirectX-based games/software. It converts directX calls to OpenGL calls, and renders most older games better when it comes to using HD monitors. http://fdossena.com/?p=wined3d/index.frag

I've personally tested this with old beta builds of World of Warcraft and Warcraft 3, which in turn made it possible to use higher resolutions than the games were originally designed for. Interestingly, it also supports DX10 & 11 on XP.

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Latest updates for the Office Compatibility Pack:

xlconv2007-kb3178677-fullfile-x86-glb.exe                 02/21/2017
wordconv2007-kb3178682-fullfile-x86-glb.exe            02/21/2017
ogl2007-kb3127945-fullfile-x86-glb.exe                       02/22/2017


For the unzipped updates from the WSUS catalog, follow an installation batch:

@echo off


COPY *.msp INSTMP >NUL 2>&1
COPY *.xml INSTMP >NUL 2>&1


(FOR /F "tokens=*" %%g in ('Dir "INSTMP" /A:-D /B /O:-N ^|^ find /I ".msp"') DO Set "PATCHNAME=%%g") >NUL 2>&1

%windir%\system32\msiexec.exe /p "INSTMP\%PATCHNAME%" /qb

ECHO %PATCHNAME% >>patchlog.txt



RD /S /Q "INSTMP" >NUL 2>&1


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Anyone else getting KB4012864 again from AU suddenly today as of the last hour or so? It's appearing for all my XP WEPOS2009 installs.

And its disappearing as soon as I start a manual scan at MU/WU.


EDIT: Plot thickens - its installing in the background from AU for all of them, shows in MU/WU history.

Question is, why is KB4012864 redownloading and automatically reinstalling with zero user intervention?

Is this a "v2" that covers some additional found vulnerability?  Or just a classic MU/WU/AU patch detection screwup?

EDIT again:  I incorrectly saw this as KB4012854 scanning the installed updates history.   This is an entirely new update.  This is merely a time zone update for Russian/Mongolia/Cypress etc.   Must have been a last minute change and delayed release to AU/MU/WU since its clearly listed at the catalog on 3/16.

FINAL EDIT:  This is not the first time MS pushed an out-of-band time zone update through AU/MU/WU as a critical update with little to no warning that auto-installs and leaves little to no evidence of itself unless you happen to catch it at the time of download/installation or otherwise scan the updates installation history.

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Could be the MS first test us, then only release a final version if our screens appear in the uniform blue. :lol:
Fun aside, think that it is a test run where MS hopes the come no negative feedback.


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I wasn't knowingly pushed with KB4012864, no yellow shield appeared, but just as a test I tried doing a scan on Microsoft Update.

Not only did it then appear as a high priority update, so I installed it from there, I was very pleased to find that the scan completed in only about 30 seconds.

Whether this will be the same come the next patch Tuesday remains to be seen!


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If you read "More information for this update can be found at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/4012864 ", it seems that at least two time zone changes were decided upon last year and a third was decided two months ago.  Who's the MS officer in charge of time zone changes?  HE SHOULD BE FIRED. 

Has anyone here heard of Saratov?

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Has anyone tried that "preview Update for .NET Framework 2 sp2: NDP20SP2-KB3217127-x86.exe" yet?

Are there any problems or consequences? :crazy:

1 hour ago, glnz said:

Has anyone here heard of Saratov?

Well I have known it as secretive major military industrial center back in the days of Soviet Union. And surely some american agencies definitly heard about it back then. :D

Now it's apparently one of the most developed industrial and scientific regions in Russia.

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Thanks DAVE-H, You've encouraged me to install this update and everything went fine. I have a few programs that needs .NET 2 and they are all working as before. :rolleyes:

I was a little reluctant, because I've had a problem with this March .NET 4 update causing csrss.exe high CPU utilization while refusing to install a couple of times, forcing me to reboot, and then it suddenly made it through.

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