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Bing Desktop taking 320GB's of my drive. How to uninstal?


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Hi folks,

I never use Bing Desktop, however it's been installed on my PC by Microsoft Update I'm sure. Today I ran my old Spacemonger utility and noticed that Bing Desktop is taking up 162 GB's in each of two locations - Program files and Program files (X86). So I've got 325 GB's of my precious hard being disk being eaten up by rubbish I don't want.

Bing Desktop does not show up in my Program lists in the Start Menu, Control Panel or elsewhere so I can't find a conventional way of uninstalling it. When I try to delete it in Spacemonger I'm told it's running and I can't delete it.

I also can't find any reference to this isuse on the net that doesn't say "uninstal it from Control Panel". Does this sound familiar to anyone? I've read references to "hiding" Bing desktop in Windows Updates and that sounds fine going forward. But how do I get rid of what's sitting there on my system now?

Many thanks in advance,



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PLEASE, delete all content from your other THREE duplicate threads and add a note to them asking a moderator to please delete your mistake. Do NOT add another post to those useless threads, just edit the existing posts, deleting the existing content and replace it with the note.

Then add any other content you feel might be important to this thread. Let's keep this conversation all in one place. Thank you for your cooperation.

Cheers and Regards

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A couple of ideas. Apologies if you've already tried them:

  1. Semi-wild guess, but how about looking for the Bing Desktop in Control Panel --> Programs --> Turn Windows features on or off (under "Programs and Features")?
  2. Does a process show up for Bing Desktop in Task Manager? If so, then you may be able to kill the process there and then delete it via Spacemonger. (You may have to go deeper and disable a service before you can kill the process.)


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Thanks for the suggestions. Firstly, apologies to the forum, when I entered my topic it wouldn't "post" so I must have pressed "post" a couple of times.

I have been through Control Panel - Programs & Features and I do no see Bing as an installed update. Also it does not come up when I go Start - "Bing" search, there is no mention in my Program list either under Bing, Microsoft or Windows.

JorgeA, thanks for your suggestions. There's no ref. to Bing in the "Turn Windows Features on/off" section. And no process in Task Manager.

Still working on it . . .

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There is a malware that is known as "Conduit Search Protect" or "Search Protect by Conduit" that uses the names "Bing Desktop" and "Windows Search" when installed. The common way to determine this infection is that your default home page or search page in various browsers may be false page. For example, I've seen one infected PC with this malware where the Firefox and IE home page was a fake Google search. It looked like Google but the URL was wrong.

Topic may be moved to the malware forum if user confirms this is the case.

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