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POWER5058: I will check it. As a temporary fix, you need dwm symbols. (P.S. could you send me your c:\windows\system32\dwmcore.dll via PM)

Gashuno: "Failed to load custom atlas file (0x3)" where 0x3 means "The system cannot find the path specified.".

I need small help from users. Does this page http://glass8.berlios.de/donate.html contain enough information? Is some information missing, invalid or incomprehensible? Or is there any other reason why some users donate and then immediately makes complaint to PayPal that they have not received purchased stuff?

where is the dwm symbols ?? how to get it ?!

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Finally :D

Thank you!

Should I use the installation batch from rc3?

Yes, you can. I will update guide when I find some free time. But at this time, there are these possibilities to install:

a) download installer version

b) use old AppInit_DLLs method

c) manually schedule task to run aerohost.exe with admin rights under SYSTEM account when your computer starts (this can be done using script from RC version)

d) use any other injection method you know :sneaky:

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oomek: yes, the script have been tested and it has been working correctly for more than half a year.

Unfortunately the new Firefox wants to be smarter and show in the browser even not existing MIME types. I have neither txt or key types configured in the settings.

You can try the script below, it should be browserproof


header("Content-disposition: attachment; filename=license.key");

header("Content-type: application/key");



save it as license.php and call after pressing generate.

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Does not work, the log does not work. :thumbdown

The default installation. license.key available.
RC3 is fully operational.
Windows 8.1 x64, AMD HD6800.

Manual installation works by AppInit_DLLs :}

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