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  1. Its dead dude. Move on to something like Stardock Curtains if you want to bring back some customization.
  2. Yes correct. Still waiting for updates on them for Win11 but they are sure to come before an update to this does. This was a great project. Lightweight, worked great. But one developer and no communication. Just couldn't keep up.
  3. Nah. This is abandonware. You're better off looking into something like Stardock Curtains or WindowBlinds. This hasn't been updated in quite a while and the creator has been completely silent.
  4. Yes. I prefer Curtains as its more lightweight but both work fine in Windows 11.
  5. This is abandonware. There's extremely little to no support left. You should move to something else like Stardock Curtains.
  6. This is abandonware man. It's not getting anymore updates and it is not worth sacrificing the security of your OS by not getting updates just so you can have this working. You're better off switching to something like Stardock Curtains.
  7. Sure. Luckily I still had it. I uninstalled Curtains a little while back because it kept making my Explorer crash. But the themes I had were still there. It's attached. New Acrylic.zip
  8. Yeah I know what you mean for sure. Comparing to your screenshot, I'd rather not have anything at all as there's not enough blur to enjoy it. I do like seeing stuff behind the titlebars, just don't want them to be so clear like there was no titlebar at all which is what Curtains gives you by default unless the texture is modified. Plus, running a version of Windows 2 years old just to use 1 abandonware isn't smart or worth it at all. Curtains will probably implement blur on their own since its definitely a requested feature. For now, I'll take what I can get while staying updated lol.
  9. To answer all of these, it comes down to the theme you use in Curtains. I am using the "New Acrylic" theme from wincustomize. It is very basic, nothing fancy, no fancy buttons, etc so stock Window Caption buttons. It also has its own level of "blur" to be as close to Acrylic as it can. I also went and added the reflections image that was shared in this thread on top of that to have the reflective look to it. Really, any theme can have blurred title bars if you know how to go into photoshop and manually create a gaussian blur to your liking. Here's an example of what my titlebar looks like. It's not entirely blurred but also not completely transparent either to where it's a distraction to have multiple windows open showing everything straight through. If you're having trouble making the gaussian blur in photoshop then it might be how you're making it or something. I havent had any issues, just came down to getting the kinda blur I wanted.
  10. For those who just want blurred titlebars only, such as myself, Curtains gets the job done with less resources than WindowBlinds and I have tried both.
  11. Then you might as well get over it and move on lol. This is abandonware and Curtains is the closest supported software to getting the effect that this abandonware was supposed to recreate.
  12. Is this blurred/transparent as well? Edit: Looks like it isn't blurred. Having it fully transparent is very distracting with multiple windows open. I may work on it to see if I can add some blur to it. Edit 2: Ok so I use the New Acrylic skin from wincustomize and so I took the Windows Top image and added this reflection on top of it then adjusted the opacity and now I have a nice reflection look that has blur.
  13. Your only viable alternative is Stardock Curtains. Sorry, developer has gone silent on here. Project's dead.
  14. LMAO I have moved on long ago. I'm not an id*** to refuse to update my OS so I can use visual software that's unsupported. I'm also not the first or the last person to think he should have open sourced it to help the community.
  15. Not really though. This is a big part on Big Muscle. He was a sole developer that couldn't keep up and refused to open source the code and let the community help him. This project could still be alive and kicking had he thrown it on GitHub.

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