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  1. How can i get the aero glass build for Windows 10 9680 ? I have a license key for aero glass. Thank you
  2. Like this: There themes out there to make it look like OS X. BigMuscle only does Aero glass With minor tweak of his code he can archive it easly. Why not having this type translucent into windows i don't understand why you're negative. Aero glass is customizable after all, he could add a param to enable it if the user want. Any how this is almost "flat" style of Aero Glass of Windows 7 but with another blur kind ... What you're saying "BigMuscle" ? Thank you
  3. Bigmuscle, Could you possible ADD translucency & blur like OS X Yosemite too ? Thank you
  4. Can't you support Atlas on custom themes ? I need to enable Glow effect on this theme! Thank you
  5. Ok, i've got a problem with this theme http://carborunda.deviantart.com/art/Snowy8-for-Windows-8-8-1-409788674
  6. Just noticed that "AERO" borders are flickering when they are above youtube!
  7. Aero Glass v0.2 is slowing down alot Stardock Fences! I can't use it after running Aero Glass. Even if i terminate Aero Glass the slow down exists. http://www.stardock.com/products/Fences/
  8. It's freezing Windows here ... attached debug debug.zip
  9. Anyone can upload the VC++ Debug DLL files ? It needs: msvcp110d.dll & msvcr110d.dll Thank you
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