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Sp_Star is awesome, it is the origin of all the Win8.1 RamOS around :thumbup

He took things from Win8pese and I took stuff from him, all this is really fine :)

I searched for a long time today for the installation problem of PowerISO, probably also other Install.

Strange, it is related to shortcuts.exe which works very well for over 3 years

It seems to be related with Autoit on Windows 8.1. I tried with the latest beta, it's the same :(

for information, Sp_Star only use Pecmd.ini (RamOSInit.ini with Link, Pint, Exec...). He does not use PecmdInit.ini


Use pecmd completely

do not use shortcuts.exe

Shortcut -> Link

Autorun --> Exec

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Shortcut file generated is likely to look for related problems.

You're right, the problem comes from shortcuts, indeed :) cache ? BSOD "cache_manager" ?
but it does not comes from a particular shortcuts. It is a bit random depending on the number of shortcuts created.
Pecmd Link or shortcuts.exe => same problem
Win8.1SE or Sp-Star Win8.1 RamOS 1215 (adding LINK) => same problem
Win8.1SE with fewer shortcuts created, works also.
To test without PowerISO, just go to StartScreen and return with the down arrow.
I have no idea how to solve !!!
Otherwise,China WinBuilder-1215 is really nice but It lacks some files to make PowerISO operates (regsvr32.exe, oleaut32.dll,...). Same for other tools like Procmon.
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Third Report!

----Win8.1SE_2013-12-16 Build Test! 12-24


Components - Network - Uncheck

Drivers - All Check

-pecmdinit.ini - 'shortcuts.exe Action' or 'PECMD Link Action' All Very Good!

-poweriso setup and run - All Very Good!



Components - Network - check

Drivers - All Check!

-pecmdinit.ini - 'shortcuts.exe Action' or 'PECMD Link Action' All Error and Shutdown!

but, delete 'Explorer Shortcut List' then Boot OK!

-poweriso setup and run - Error and Shutdown!


Case 3

* Tmp_Default\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced,SeparateProcess,1


* Tmp_Default\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced,SeparateProcess,0

-pecmdinit.ini - 'PECMD Link Action' and 'shortcuts.exe Action'' All Very Good!

Case 4

*** PowerISO setup and run?

3rd program Test!

'poweriso' is installed and running on more 'Mobogenie' test all.

The real problem is that so far 'Mobogenie', respectively.
Solve!! Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver Framework
PowerISO, Mobogenie All Good
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Hi neon2m,

The problem of cache manager is the same in Win8.1SE 2012-12-10, 2012-10-16 package or Sp-Star build.

It depends on the number of script selected and the number of thumbnails created for the ModernUI.

I used a workaround, for now, found on the Chinese forum.

Remove thumbcache.dll in Win8.1SE OS to avoid Cache manager BSOD.

but the thumbnails are lost in ModernUI, not a big concern with StartIsBack or CLassic Shell.

I added the deletion of thumbcache.dll in Optimizations script. It is on server.

I am on holiday with my familly.

Happy Christmas :)

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Solve!! Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver Framework

Great, it seems ALL good and the problem seems solved, congratulation :thumbup

The script is on the server (Mandatory).


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