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ok, I've disabled the autostart of PENetwork and the error is gone. I also selected to autostart all driver, which makes boot slower, but I now have mouse and touch support. I checked the device manager and got a lot of errors that the devices can't be started because of certificate issues.

The only thing I need now is bitlocker support. In 8.1 the disk gets autoencrypted on a tablet when using an MS account. This is my main motivation to create a Win8.1PE, to get data from the device If I can't boot the tablet with the normal installed 8.1.

// Edit: :lol: 5,555 posts :D

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Good news for you and for the tablet support :thumbup even if the boot is somewhat slower.

The BitLocker script is on the server since a week.

But, I'm not sure it is appropriate for what you want to do, only the decrypt function is included.

Congratulations for 5,555 posts :)

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You can try also this cmdline

bdeunlock.exe C: (or D: if you do not have the LetterSwap script enabled)

and can you try to rename this registry value in the running PE, just to test the unlocking

I do not know what is the best query for this data, in PE
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I did some further testing on a Windows 8.1 Desktop PC with BitLocker, without TPM.

On a logical drive, the context menu option is here and works.

The context menu option is not present by cons to the system drive C:, but I can unlock carefree with the following options:

- bdeunlock.exe C:

- Manage-bde -unlock C: -RecoveryKey L:\xxxx.BEK

- Manage-bde -unlock C: -Password (the password is requested).

- Manage-bde -unlock C: -RecoveryPassword 123456-... (the 48-digit password key)

The display of this option is related to:


If I remove this reg value, the option is here for all drive, including those not locked, normal.

And I do not know how to fix this Advanced Query Syntax.

I do not have a Win 8.1 tablet on hand to test or help more, sorry if this is not enough ;)

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Project Updated: Win8.1SE_2014-01-16

In the previous version 2013-12-16, there was a problem BSOD 'Cache_Manager' in some case due to some limitations of Windows 8.1 FBWF drivers.
Win8.1SE now uses fbwf.sys drivers x86/x64 of Windows 8 Embedded Standard much more suited to the needs (Delta patch to remain legal ;) ). Thanks Doberman and Sp_Star :thumbup
It also allows to choose a size of 768 Mb or 1024 Mb.
BitLocker: BitLocker Drive Encryption added. Before using, take a look at "How to Use Bitlocker in PE"
Snipping Tool
Windows Driver Foundation: User-mode Driver Framework. It is set to mandatory, it also helps for the concern of BSOD 'Cache_Manager'. Thanks neon2m
OtherOS: addition of FloppyImages, ISOImages, XP-PE, PartedMagic and Plop Boot Manager.
Korean IME: Korean Input Method Editor, now supported in SE projects. Thanks Zerojinny, ied206
modification, improvements:
AU33100 x86/x64 Added in Tools and copied to Target system.
1 - Copy Files: The Startup Repair tool shortcut shouldn't be used directly, it was removed. This option is available and works from the Recovery Tools menu. Thanks anshad
2 - Shell & Config: fbwf driver from WES8.
5 - WoW64 Basic: Authorization framework Added for Win8.1 PE
Internet Explorer 11: Add Flash 32 bit Only on x64 build. Optional, the 32-bit version seems sufficient. Thanks Doberman
Vss: Volume Shadow Copy Service. Files also patched for Win8.1 Ramos, which remains a PE. Thanks JFX
Note from Lancelot : Vss is NOT vital for Windows and is definately NOT required by All application on PE or portable windows. Ex: DriveImage XML normally requires Vss, but not on PE ;)
1 - Explorer Shell: hide the Audio Systray Icon if Audio plugin not selected.
StartIsBackPlus: Many options to customize SIB+. Thanks Aeolis
Themes: Option to choose the Window Borders and Taskbar color. Thanks Aeolis. Option to use the wallpaper as Theme color. Thanks neon2m
Media Player Classic-HC: Added .webm, .rm, .swf, .3gp support and fixed WMP association for .flv, .mkv, .ogg. Thanks Oscar
Create ISO: Debug section Added for create iso with oscdimg in case of failure of the standard process. Thanks Lancelot
... Thanks to you :thumbup
Important: Always Check Win8.1SE topic post 1 to get latest updates and informations.
Edited by ChrisR
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When I boot Win8.1SE CD and use the Disk Management under Computer Management to format a hard drive, the OS show a error for formatting a hard drive. Load the image to a virtual machine, it gets same problem. Any idea?


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# code bug?

# escapecode?
Hi neon2m;
Sorry for late answer, I am busy in life and familly. PE comes after ;)
I do not know how to make this case. there 's no escape code for #
However, here are examples of use with a variable:
[variables]%hash%=#[process]Set,%w%,%ProjectTemp%\CodeBox.txtIf,ExistFile,%w%,FileDelete,%w%If,ExistFile,%w%,Message,"%w% not deleted",ErrorIf,ExistFile,%w%,Exit,"%w% not deleted"// Test write in a fileFileCreateBlank,%w%IniWrite,%w%,Variables,#$phash#$p,%hash%2IniWriteTextLine,%w%,Process,"Message,#$qTest1: %hash%2#$q,INFORMATION,5",AppendIniWriteTextLine,%w%,Process,"Message,#$qTest2: #$phash#$p2#$q,INFORMATION,5",AppendEcho,"Notepad is running. Please close Notepad to continue."ShellExecute,Open,Notepad.exe,#$q%w%#$q// Run CodeBox.txt Run,%w%,Process,Parameter1,Parameter2// Test RegistryRegHiveLoad,Tmp_Default,%RegDefault%RegWrite,HKLM,0x1,Tmp_Default,CodeBox,%hash%2Echo,"Regedit is running. Check Regedit HKLM\Tmp_Default,CodeBox value. Please close Regedit to continue."System,FILEREDIRECT,OFFShellExecute,Open,regedit.exe,""System,FILEREDIRECT,ONRegDelete,HKLM,Tmp_Default,CodeBoxRegHiveUnLoad,Tmp_Default
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I still don't see the bitlocker entries with the newest version.

There is NO entries (shortcuts or context menu) for Bitlocker in PE for the system disc or drive.

You must use the examples provided in the previous post #67 with Cmd.exe.

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When I boot Win8.1SE CD and use the Disk Management under Computer Management to format a hard drive, the OS show a error for formatting a hard drive. Load the image to a virtual machine, it gets same problem. Any idea?

A problem that I knew, and that I had not solved so far. It could be work around with a 3rd party software (ex: BootIce).

Sp-Star has found the solution by removing the registry key :thumbup


Now, Formatting the host system partition C: works.

It fixes at the same time the formatting problem when installing Windows by setup.exe, in Win8.1SE.

2 - Shell & Config is on server.


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