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Hi Wimb,


Thanks, always happy to read a feedback :)

I forgot to put them in English for sharing.

Nice screenshot for those 2 Great Free products :thumbup


FYI, I would not be much present the next months, I start a new job Tuesday, 4 months maybe renewable.

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Good news :). (The new job :thumbup: , not the fact that you won't be around much :().


Thanks, yep, a good news :thumbup after losing my old job a little while ago, now :( 

My old job allowed me to have a lot of free time which enabled me to play with PE and others.

I would have less free time with this new mission, not won in advance, 2 others independents did not give all satisfaction, before.

I like challenges, I will see :)

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Hi fuwi,


All the best in your new job! I hope you do not stop your great work in Win8.1SE and the other PE's


Thanks :) 
After so much time spent on SE projects, I'll try to stay around.
For small corrections or updates in server, it should be possible, I hope.
For support, new ideas or develop new features, it's another story, certainly not in the first times.
I Hope that all good guys around who likes to play with PE, will bring some ideas, new dev and new plugins to make live these projects, as you already did B)


See you soon ;)  

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Project Updated: Win8.1SE_2014-10-17

Main Features:
Improved USB3 compatibility: the Driver Database system registry and Drivers hive come from boot.wim now.
   It is more consistent and it seems to solve some USB 3 compatibility problems or at least for 2 Tablets: Surface Pro 3 and Dell Venue.
   Many plugins are are impacted included Audio, Original display and Original NET drivers  .
Network: Option to disable the window: ''Do you want to find PCs, devices,...'' for Win8.1SE
Enable PAE on Windows PE: enables Physical Address Extension in Windows PE. It will give user access to RAM memory over the x86 systems limit of 3G.
Q-Dir Nenad: updated v5.99.8
ServiWin: updated v1.62
Sysinternals Process Monitor: Enable Boot Logging option for developer only
WinNTSetup3: updated v3.7.0 with compatibility XP--> Win10 TP
Multi-WIM: Option to add or not BCD uefi entry.
Power Options: Option to Disable USB Selective suspend added
Themes: Start screen and accent color section
syslinux:  Updated v6.03
grub4dos: Updated v0.4.5c-2014-09-26
Innounp: Updated
Imdisk: Updated v1.8.5
VirtualBox Emulation: Add Intel Audio HD choice, Set VBoxOsType for Win8 and Win8.1.
rufus: Updated v1.4.8
GetWaikTool: updated v2.0, It reduced download size and add command line options: -xpramboot, -xpwimboot -7z:{pathto7z.exe}
.... Thanks to All
Important: Always Check Win8.1SE topic post 1 to get latest updates and informations.
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I have tried using the current download to build an ISO using Win8.1 x86 and x64 Enterprise 90-day eval. It builds and boots OK, I get the spinning dots and a blue screen, then it goes black and nothing happens. I tried booting from VBox as a ISO-CDROM, as an ISO in E2B and on a real system as an ISO in E2B. All same result.

I mount the Win Install ISO as a virtual drive - e.g. J: - use J: as the source and press GO - no other mods.

Sources tried:




I tried building on a Win 7 notebook and a Win8.1 PC both give same result.


any ideas?

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Hi steve,


I used a long time those two ISO as en-US source, in addition to my French DVD and others like en-GB (the mui files are split between en-US and en-GB folders).
As en-US, I currently use the REFRESH 9600.17050 Enterprise Eval., with boot and install.wim previously extracted in folders :


Building and start-up are OK here, unless I have not enough Ram, Win8.1se is more greedy than Win8pese.

No problem normally with your Win7 or 8.1 system for the construction. I mainly use Win7 64 bit and from time to time Win8.1 64 bit. 
No real idea ! recently Booty#1 had a similar concerns which came from files permissions automatically propagated in the target folder.

Edited by ChrisR
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Today's build makes my Win 8.1 system flash up a Smart Screen warning and prevents me from continuing with the build? Anyone else get this?

The 2014-10-17 version is OK.

Sometimes this happens if you are not connected to the internet.

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  • 4 weeks later...

ust stupid question:

Can anyone show me some differences between PE vs SE?

PE is Preinstallation Environment

So what is SE?


SE traditionally means "Second Edition", it became popular many years ago with the second release of Windows98, and in the case of Winbuilder it did exist a Win7PE which later was updated and modified becoming Win7PE_SE (project lately lead by ChrisR), when Windows 8 came out, the corresponding project to Win7PE_SE based on Windows 8 files became (still largely authored by ChrisR) Win8PE_SE.

Little by little the "SE" lost its original meaning, basically becoming the "distinctive mark" of ChrisR's Winbuilder based projects, and when 8.1 came out, the PE part was simply dropped, leading to Win8.1 SE.


Check the "history" parts on the project pages:






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I'm taking 30 minutes to backup a new installed machine with dism.

Is there any other software I can use to backup?

I like savepart but I can make it run in winpe. Maybe I'm missing any optional package :(

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