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    Thanks for this new version! What is the proper way to upgrade without losing all of my current project settings? Thanks! Mike
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    Hi shadowdamon, Who are you replying to?
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    Crossposted to theoven.org forums since I'm not sure if different users might visit one or the other forum: Hi All! Running latest version of Win8.1 SE and have integrated the Clearlock script. (Can't link since I'm new here!) I know the script looks to be abandoned for quite awhile now but thought I'd try it out anyway since I really need this type of functionality and can't seem to find anything else. The script runs fine with no errors generated in the log and the .exe and .ini files are placed in System32 by the script as they should be. The problem I'm seeing is when the PE is booting and it gets to the Win8 Administrator "Welcome" screen it will sit and spin the dots on that screen for a good 5 mins when Clearlock is enabled for the build. It WILL eventually present the Clearlock lock screen, accept the password and boot into the OS. If Clearlock is NOT enabled for the build, the Administrator "Welcome" screen shows for about 5 secs and then it boots into the OS fine. The extra weird thing is that after the long delay and once in the OS, I can find the clearlock.exe file and launch it and the clearlock screen comes up immediately, no issues. I thought about checking Windows log files to see if anything stood out but it seems the Event Viewer .msc is not included in the build. Any thoughts on this? Is there anyone who would be willing to add this script to their build and confirm this behavior? Thanks! Mike
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