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Why not invent a flying car instead of one manned, spaceship


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Lets be realistic, with the drone technology we have already, any moron could make a big enough drone to

carry four people, including luggage space for 1200 pounds, including the vehicle own weight itself.

We have seen tons of flying batteries in fiction,

Think about this, you could combine an air-bike and have a one manned person under 300 pounds, in Fiber-glass material, being picked up by four computer controlled fans, that is able to deliver you to various destinations.

Yes I am talking about "Blade Runner Car" but in reality with the space it needs to take off, and land.

What would be fuel? Water, where Hydrogen is separated and then combined again. A man back in 1970's made a water car and he had no college education. The military in most nations uses tanks that runs on water, especially if your in the middle of the desert and need something to stay parched. If a person in a lab can do it, why can't a person make an engine small enough to fit a motorbike???

A one manned gryo plane is basically the building blocks that leads to the four family flying car.

Before their was a race to see if an ordinary person could build a rocket ship that penitrates the earths atmosphere. Why not make a cheap and affordable flying car all ready. At first these things will be expensive but honestly flying car lets go already.

Like Blade Runner, the car would be pre-programmed to fly in flight paths, and destinations.

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This post is a troll, right? I'm supposed to get sucked in and go off about people who sit on their a** in front of a computer and rave about what other people should do, making it sound as if they'd do it themselves if they could spare the 45 minutes it would take to strap a water balloon to a fan, right?

Fortunately, I've spotted all the classic troll indicators – phrases like "any moron could"; perpetuating uninformed, snopes-quality stories that have no basis in facts; nonsensical sentence fragments; and a clear attempt to sound older than 13 – and so will not rise to the bait.

On a side note, "penetration" does not have the same root as "penis". Not sure where your mind was, but the 'i' and 'e' keys aren't even side-by-side on a Dvorak keyboard. And since I'm calling you on such things: "there", "earth's", "already", "let's", and an occasional comma here and there. ¿, ?.

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I am sorry if I offended anybody, I just keep thinking about the obvious. When I see one of those drones carry more then ten pounds high into the atmosphere, I can easily see that same drone being super-sized into a model that picks a person up, and then drops them off at a designated destination point, while avoid air traffic.

If I had the money I would do it myself, and that is all that their is lacking to accomplish this feat. If you can lift five pounds why not five hundred pounds? Is their some sorta science limiting us? We need to invent anti-gravity belts before we can make flying cars?

Again if I am hurting anybodies feelings, I am just stating the obvious. That is what we need to see next. A flying car, zooming by,

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I hate to see how flying cars would be any better.

Bad drivers having less chances to drive again after an accident? :unsure:

True. But then you have to trade that "advantage" off against the new possibility of crashing into a upper story of a building or down through the roof of a house, rather than staying on the ground where maybe a wall or tree could at least slow them down. :)

Another advantage would be a whole new market --- ejection seats for cars! Think of the potential increase in sales for aftermarket customized parachutes etc.

But another problem will be kids with eggs or water balloons, not to mention littering.

Flat tires will no longer be an issue, but running out of gas will be a real "downer". heh-heh

Cheers and Regards

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Ignoring all of the "What if's" think about a hover craft with four fans attached in a square but aerodynically shaped, and a fin for the helicopter steering. Later on people will make more smaller models, that have more powerful fans, rocket-boosters, and warp-drive interiors.

Just watching those videos ( which is now appearing on the news ) showing off the delivery drones as well as the war drones ( murder death killing robot machines ).

Otherwise it would make a nice project. Fiberglass is a nice light material for the exterior? Then we would need material that does not over heat or melt so easy.

The actual thing would probably be as breakable like an plastic RC-toy or Apple ibook G4.

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It would still be a novelty item until it can be made to handle more adverse commuting conditions. For example, we have cars that can go about in all sorts of conditions. Rain, snow, wind, it can do these no problems. Wind is a larger conversation than what we would think. We can barely tell wind unless it is a certain speed while in a car. It would be totally different in a flying vehicle. It seems that even the most high tech flying vehicle available today would have limited use due to environmental conditions.

For example, while the idea of having a flying car would have been nice last night, it would have been totally useless had I had one instead of a normal car. So much snow and wind, I would have been grounded with nowhere to go. At least in my car I could inch along for 2 hours to get home.

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