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Remove programs from "Add/Remove Programs"


Did you know about the "SystemComponent" registry entry?  

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  1. 1. Did you know about the "SystemComponent" registry entry?

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I"ve known this for months but I was wondering how many other people know about it. :rolleyes:

In the registry, under "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall" are all the entries on the "Add/Remove Programs" list. I've seen lots of websites saying to delete any keys here that you want to remove from the "Add/Remove Programs" list but I've found that some installations still keep there info in "Add/Remove Programs" even if you delete this (therefore making it impossible to uninstall the application). :D

The way I found was to add a DWORD value to each of the keys you want "hidden":


That way, if you want to uninstall the program at a later date, you just delete that DWORD and boom, it's back on the "Add/Remove Programs" list. :)

Now, how many of you people knew about this registry value?

Edit: 50 odd views and only 2 votes? C'mon people.

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That is awesome! A way to remove things from the Add/Remove list without having to keep a backup of the stuff you removed- hmm, MSFN Dev Team, got any ideas? :) Nice find, RaveRod! Did you find it yourself or Google it?

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Well, one day while cleaning my system, I came across the WebFldrs XP key in the "Uninstall" section of my registry and wondered what that SystemComponent value meant. I deleted it and found that "WebFldrs XP" came up on the "Add/Remove Programs" list.

I decided to try that value with the other programs installed. So really, it was by accident but I much prefer this way over backing up and delete the key you want removed.

Edit: WOO! FINALLY made it to 100 posts.

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To remove WebFldrs in Microsoft windows 2000, some other values should be changed from 1 to 0




Otherwise, we can see the WebFldrs item in the Add/Remove list but we the [Remove] / [Modify] buttons are greyed...

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00















"Publisher"="Microsoft Corporation"













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Those also have to changed for Windows XP. I just explained that removing the "SystemComponent" entry would show the item on the Add/Remove Programs list.

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TweakUI for Windows XP doesn't have an Add/Remove Programs section anymore.

Are you sure you mean't TweakUI and not another program?

+ This method doesn't need you to install anything other than Windows itself. :)

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The only time I've run into a program that doesn't go away after deleting it's uninstall registry key was the HighMAT Support hotfix from Microsoft. Looks like I just found out how to ditch it, thanks! :)

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Anyone tried adding "Quiet" to "DisplayName" = "QuietDisplayName" to hide the entries in Add/Remove? I find it very satisfying in Win2k. I use it for default components add-on software/patches and the like.

This doesn't work (alone) for items in the SystemComponents like .Net Framework 1.1

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