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  1. I would suggest upgrading to MDT2012 and re-evaluate your deployment. Use a sysprepped image (include all Core NB/SB HDC drivers) uploaded with ImageX into a WIM file. Build a WinPE 3.1 image and include your XP.WIM as an added file in the resulting WinPE 3.1, burned to a DVD. this link covers most of what you need: brianleejackson.com/tag/sysprep
  2. When performing Sysprep captures, removing the system from the domain is important as the SID is recreated when the system is added to the domain. Preventing a duplicate SID is as simple as renaming PC's as they are deployed, and added to the domain.
  3. I'm also slave to the missing icons in the admintools folder, what gives? -Answer : The SDK is required for viewing the security via a GUI. See this link http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/2bc0cxhc.aspx
  4. I didn't use the same switches for the patches as the 7.0 exe, the 7.05 version is a cleaner install.
  5. The first two - probably a BIOS flash is the only option to induce a change in the MB device detection as it is. Otherwise it is likely individual chips/connectors are the culprit. BIOS updates for the next two, while also resetting to default settings. The 'chassis intrusion' message indicates a jumper may be improperly missing or installed on the MB connector. RAM + VGA (PCI or APG?) if integrated VGA exists, check for 1st initialzed device - PCI/AGP, check for IRQ assignment- many ATI (IIRC, older) cards don't need an IRQ. try a PCI video card, your (video-connector) slot may be bad, or not support the AGP 1x/2x/4x/8x card your installing. Resetting a BIOS to defaults may require you to poke into the nooks and crannies of the BIOS to check for settings. ESD issues can cause a setting to 'stick' in a BIOS, yank the battery and power then operate the power switch- (power led) should light up briefly as it burns any residual charge. Check for blown/leaking capacitors!!
  6. I would agree with the posted AMD users and go with an Opteron 165/170 setup, you'll end up using more of your existing parts, and proud you don't have shared FSB (bandwidth) holding your system back. cheers!
  7. edit the winnt.sif of unattend.txt in the i386 file to determine the settings used by the Dell CD. I've delt with reloads on Dell's before, but was not able to do much testing.
  8. /integrate and scripted install via runonceex.cmd, and guistart.cmd.
  9. kb890859 integration causes an error 14 on unattended CD boot. Tested integration on an SP2 slipstreamed CD with and without kb890859 integrated to confirm. Anyone have ay ideas? (my CD is complete except for this patch.)
  10. Make sure you remove any i386\mydriver.zz_ files when replacing them with i386\mydriver.zzz files. There is aconflict in an .inf that is attempting to install something. - otherwise - Try removing your network setup entries from the winnt.sif and test the install.
  11. I'm working on a driver only install for corp PC's (more of a challenge vs. a full install). Most of the setup files can be dropped, I do edit the inf to eliminate alternate languages and other files (It's easier to do with the Intel network drivers). I don't do this for performance reasons, as some of the functionality is lost from CPL and certainly from any of tuning tools and nvidia driver services that get installed. WHQL is (by far) saner to import than the non-WHQL drivers.
  12. never mattered in any of the images I built, NT/2000/XP; the internelfile time stamps stay in the files.
  13. I don't beleive it can done unless you can rewrite the default vga driver to accomodate your needs and shoehorn them into your setup. syssetup.inf is signed by M$ and sets the default vga display setting used in that stage of setup. If someone nknows how this can worked around, I'd gladly pass it on to the masses.
  14. Has anyone tested replacing the older update.exe (within older HF's) with the newer versions that support the /integrate switch?
  15. Cool error message. Recreate your XP build from the source data files. I've had to backtrack more times than I care to remember building NT/2000/XP images. Files out of sync are harder to resolve issues with, you just get useless error messages, in varying severity levels.

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