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Remove programs from "Add/Remove Programs"


Did you know about the "SystemComponent" registry entry?  

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  1. 1. Did you know about the "SystemComponent" registry entry?

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There's something similar for the 'Add/Remove Windows Components' list.

It's not a registry setting, it's in an INF file. Look for this -


Open it in notepad, then look under the [Components] section.

All of those are installed windows components. Now, look for the word HIDE in

the list, like this one for windows messenger -


Just remove the 'hide' then save the file. You'll now have the option of uninstalling windows messenger from the 'Add/Remove Windows Components' list.


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Normaly what I do when I get an application that won't remove it's listing from Add/Remove Programs is fire up System Mechanic from iolo software, I've been using that little beauty since Windows 98. It can rip those pesky little entries right out and preform many other wonderful little taks too. Doesn't work too good on 2k3 though.

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That stuff has been know for ages. I've even used it in an app for a place that offers free internet access and needs to restrict what people can use/install, made a list of "approved" ones, and it parsed them, if it's not on the list, it launches either the uninstall or the silent one... (and lots more stuff of course). Quite an oldie...

Oh, also, every time we copy an app to $OEM$\$Progs (Firefox, Zoom Player, mIRC, Klipfolio, bpftp, ...) and we want to keep the uninstall information, that's what we grab. (sometimes the uninstaller .exe/.log files can be in %systemroot% (ie c:\windows) too)

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Hi there,

I usually use this behavior inside Windows Installer package to disallow users from suppressing vital part of our nested installation packages.

For further details go here :


Briefly :

It's a property set to 0 or 1 inside any MSI based installation package.

Editing :

You could use ORCA from Windows Installer SDK to edit .msi files then set ARPSYSTEMCOMPONENT to 1 (hidden) or 0 (shown) inside Property table for any .msi files to achieve this at installation.

Since it's my first post i would say :

Thx for the lot of VERY interesting stuffs found here !



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Hello everybody,

I have read this topic too late, however I think that there are others who still don't know how to hide Installed hotfixes & apps. :whistle:

I have made two small tools, the first Hide Installed apps and the second show them again. B)

If you want to download them click Here


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Parser Message

Value creation failed " at line 472

1) which version of windows do you have ?

2) did you have this error message before running my tool ?

For now I can't figure out this problem but to help you restore your add/remove list please run Regedit.exe

then go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall and delete SystemComponent whenever you find it in all sub keys

sorry my friend; however, I tested it in Windows XP SP1 & SP2 without any problem.

By the way, please can you tell me which Registry cleaner do you use ?

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To day I have tested it in 3 windows Installation of windows XP SP1 with the latest updates (Media Player 10 Included), But I have not found any neither a problem nor error message; However, to remove doubts I ask for a volunteer to run this tool on his windows but before running It MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR REGISTRY.

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Hello everyone,

This the result after testing my two tools thoroughly :

They are fully compatible with Windows XP SP1 & SP2, no problem was found. :thumbup

They were designed to run in unattended installation, so they will not inform you if they successfully hide or show Installed component.

If they are run from a high privilege user they will hide or show components with showing any message, BUT if they are run form a limit privilege user they will abort the operation leaving your registry intact.

However you are encouraged to download the newer version Here

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