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  1. Yup read about it online also Oh and u gotta love it when they outsource the Microsoft Helpline but the person i spoke to i thought did a real good job and was very clear in her english so much props to all those people who can do there jobs good
  2. hiya and welcome to the board
  3. Just wanted to say hi to all the new and old people here alike
  4. Gotta say i love the wallpapers great work
  5. lol i hate my keyboard it should be cut not cute
  6. I would assume there not gonna totoally cute the life line not official yet anyways there are also always the non coporate programmers who can make or mod programs to work wioth 98se
  7. Exactlly just call up Microsoft and ask them for help i knew someone who had a similiar prob and was able to get it all fixed without any probs all they had to do was deal with the telephone person B)
  8. 23 here! Gotta say wildKat i like that avatar that u got
  9. now in the famous words of Spongebob and Patrick "Hooray!!" Its good to see the down fall of IE will soon be complete *evil luaghs* Peace
  10. Is this a software program or a web site cuase all i have founf is a web site ??? any info would be appreciated
  11. im sorry but i think the concept of this game is just down right sickening
  12. Gotta love the insanity that comes with a squeaky clean system
  13. hi there i wanna welcome u to this really great group of people i know u will find plenty of useful items on this site feel free to write in french if u need to since there r many peoples here who speak many languages (also its a help for anyone like me who is learning other languages ) t/c and cya around
  14. Rancho Cordova California here mmm..maybe i should have voted Antarctica i wonder if its gonna get any votes more power to the most coldest place on Earth =o)
  15. hiya this is a rather interesting topic lol =-P im 22 and still going strong
  16. if any kind of spy/adware destroying tools dont work for u it might be time to search ur pc for the files and then delete them manually along with searching for any registry keys releated to the toolbar i had to do this before for a few friend so if u need any help with it i can help u get hardcore on that flakey toolbar and get ur systems up to normal again anyways peace out feel free to drop me a line if u wanna
  17. hey there man which version of kazaa lite where u using i do have a working copy i could send yeah or u might wanna try a program called shareazza (lol i think thats how its spelled :-p) i used for a few weeks now and it works great well best of luck man
  18. hey there man i dont have a immediate answer to your question yet but i am currentlly working on that subject so i will drop u a line if i can pull that off myself if u wanna drop me a line personally my email is in my user proflile i would defnititlly be interested in knowing if u had any ideas as to what it would say or do
  19. yeah thanks its been a interesting trip so far im glad i found this site
  20. Hey there this is michael also go by FireKosh just wanted to post a quick hello
  21. hey man thanks for the info i myself have lately been into all things registry related this will be interesting again thanks

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