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The Best anti-virus

Which is the best anti-virus?  

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  1. 1. Which is the best anti-virus?

    • McAfee V7
    • Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition
    • EZ Antivirus
    • Panda
    • eTrust
    • F-Prot
    • Others (Specify what)
    • Kaspersky
    • NOD32
    • Norton Antivirus (Home Version)
    • AVG
    • Avast!
    • F-Secure
    • Norman

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My best defense against anti virus is myself. Uhh its called ctrl alt del noticing an odd named .exe killing the process and deleting it from the registry then removing the exe.

Stupid newbies.

I think that's quite ignorant to say

My question is, what about TrendMicro PC-Cillin 2006?

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I've tested on my machine almost all of these AV but the best by far was (and still is) BitDefender.


Someone actually said, "I've tested them all, this one is the best overall."

Instead of.

"Hi, my name is <Doofus>. Norton rulez!"

Yeeeaaahhh, real informative...

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An opensource Antivirus? WHAT?!

That would be extremely easy to slip a virus into!

Then of course program it to ignore that virus,

all in the background...

I have used Symantec Client for ages now, its

really good, and was relieved to find its got most

votes, just about! Symantec are the original people

for viruses, yes Systemworks leaves a lot to be desired

but for corporations and in fact anyone their corp client

is awesome. Even had deployment tools to re-build

a custom setup :D

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01net have just released a benchmark about anti-viruses, and they say (they, not me) that Norton is not so great.

I don't say Clamwin is the best AV in the world, but it's opensource. I don't understand why opensource means dangerous in your eyes. Opensource does not mean anyone can modify the version that is available on Clamwin's web site!

Maybe your idea is that any virus-maker can use the code to prepare viruses that will not be detected. But any virus-maker can ALSO download Norton AV and test the detecter against new-made viruses... so, where's the difference ?

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He was being straight forward. Some people see that as rude, others take it for what it is.

The argument about open-source being insecure doesn't hold much ground. Ever taken a look at the Firefox source code? Wanna parse through all that just to find a security flaw? You're much better off testing the program hard and keeping track of anything that doesn't behave like it's supposed to.

If you want a really good look at anti-virus solutions, look here. Have a look at the last two tests (the Aug 2005 On-demand and May 2005 Proactive) and see for yourself. Kaspersky rates highest for on-demand scans, and NOD32 is the highest for Proactive scans (i.e. no previous virus record on hand). Unfortunately AntiVir doesn't hold much ground in either test. The best freeware AV solution by all accounts (this site and others) is Avast.

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test this and that...

switch back to norton antivirus 2005

norton 2006 have too much protection =X

SAV 10 = make system slow down on mid range pc ....

Karpesky popup a lot... =X

The best antivirus still is your own choice and liking...

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