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I was looking at this site Windows XP Post SP3 High-Priority Updates (x86) and found a few update that were missing from mimOs site and I was wondering why.

August 2013
Update for Windows XP (KB2863058)
Version: 2863058
Date Published: 8/12/2013
File name: WindowsXP-KB2863058-x86-ENU.exe
File size: 519 KB
KB Articles: KB2863058

Security Update for Windows XP (KB2849470)
Version: 2849470
Date Published: 8/12/2013
File name: WindowsXP-KB2849470-x86-ENU.exe
File size: 789 KB
KB Articles: KB2849470
Security bulletins: MS13-062

September 1, 2013
Security Update for Windows XP (KB975254)
Version: 975254
Date Published: 10/12/2009
File name: WindowsXP-KB975254-x86-ENU.exe
File size: 532 KB
KB Articles: KB975254
Security bulletins: MS09-053

October 2013
Security Update for Windows XP (KB2883150)
Version: 2883150
Date Published: 10/7/2013
File name: WindowsXP-KB2883150-x86-ENU.exe
File size: 1.4 MB
KB Articles: KB2883150
Security bulletins: MS13-081


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Hmmm. at least one (the TZ Cumulative Update) seems to be indicated in the -other- list. I'm not sure if all of this cross-checking is getting you anywhere. BOTH are good.

Maybe you should look at the fact that -X- has "latest" list at top and "obsolete/replaced" next, -and- the "ChangeLog" is listed at the end whereas Mim0 "ChangeLog" list is side-by-side. The reason -X- does it the way he does is to easily accommodate the BAT script construction (look at it - it functions top-down).

ICYMI, Kudos to -both- of you for your excellent record-keeping. :thumbup

edit - and in case anyone else missed it, Members collaborate with one another. ;)

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  • 1 month later...

I can't access the site, so I thought it was down. A friend in another state also cannot access the site. He and I both have AT&T DSL internet. A neighbor who has business-class DSL from AT&T said that the site loads fine for him. If I first connect to a VPN that's located in another state, the site loads fine. I am not exactly sure what the problem is, but it appears to be network-related.


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