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Windows 8 and 8.1 Reg Tweaks


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No uninstaller. As I indicated in the HTML file that explains the tweaks, these modifications are mostly registry files, visual basic and AutoIt scripts with the extension ".TXT" appended to them so downloaders can examine the code before they execute the files. The legacy boot installer does have an "uninstall" routine for those that compile it and use the embedded registry file. For those who have accounts with the OP, there are more screens shots over there to show what the tweaks do.

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Most Recent Tweaks here: Mega Tweaks

More than 200 Windows 8 tweaks. Updated for 2019


  • Version 6.0 has instructions to remove telemetry in Nvidia's latest video drivers.
  • Expanded and improved section on adding "Shell New" items
  • Deprecated several tweaks, mostly related to Internet Explorer.
  • Tweak to customize drive icons
  • Adds several new clean install tweaks
  • Installation of tweaks requiring administrative control of registry keys has been greatly simplified by using setacl.exe.
  • Can install all tweaks using Windows Post Install using included config.js file
  • Automated "F8" Windows 8 Legacy Boot Install
  • Automate trim command on SSD drives with the correct commands through scheduled tasks
  • AutoIt script to automatically write the exact date of a Windows install on Windows System Property Page
  • No other software is needed if you do not need context menus or privacy tweaks
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