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StartIsBack - how to invoke Start screen



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  1. 1. How would you like to invoke Start(Apps) Screen?

    • Win+Ctrl (Ctrl+Win)
    • Win+Alt (Alt+Win)
    • Win+Shift (Shift+Win)
    • Win+Context menu key
    • Win+some letter
    • Right windows key
    • Start button middle-click
    • (Shift or Ctrl or Alt)+start button click
    • Other way (post which one)

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This is about StartIsBack

I'm planning to use Ctrl+Win as default hotkey combination in next StartIsBack version. Right windows key probably won't be an option since it's hard to implement 100% correctly.

(Some modifier key)+Start button click is also not very good for people which place books and spill coffee on keyboard so it won't be a default option. Not sure about middle button click, it's obscure.

Meanwhile randomly pressing keys i've discovered you can switch between Start Screen / All Apps list with Ctrl-Tab. Did you now that?

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Why can't you use the regular Windows Key? No CTRL, just the unmodified key... that's really the best option.

Because that key invokes the start MENU. The menu being the entire point of the app.

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