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  1. Just installed over beta 3 no issues yet
  2. Did you try running it as a admin also try disable your antivirus.
  3. Right i just had a major problem dont know if it is related to startisback. Attempted to boot the laptop it blue screen and windows told me to do a restore now the start menu is gone?
  4. Tihiy ever think of a portable USB version?
  5. YAY! beta 3 thank you very much tihiy.
  6. Every update of this has blown me away! Very impressed man.
  7. Is explorer occasionally crashing for anyone?
  8. Cant seem to vote on the new poll?
  9. Got it working YAY acutally blown away by how good it is... and its only a beta 0! Many thanks to Tihiy will be buying it when it's relased. May I ask how does this work is it a port from windows 7?
  10. Can't seem to get this working just a black desktop and blank taskbar after restart.

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