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Trace why Windows 8 boots, shutsdown or hibernates slowly


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Yes I saw it and whats more strange is that total time is 110 sec and the XML file doesn't show where that extra time is spent. But first lets address the 64 seconds hiberread.

Fujitsu Mobile MHV2080AH, ATA-100, 5400 rpm, Average seek time 12 ms, Buffer size 8 MB .

I don't think 64 seconds is normal. The hiberwrite is 10 seconds.

Its multiboot and on the XP it resumes from hibernate almost instantly.

I read somewhere that if the partition is not set as active it cant hibernate or something like that.

The Windows 8 partition is not active. Nevertheless it does hibernate. Only so slow.

Is that normal?


On hybrid boot total time is 109 sec and hiberread is 77 sec

On hibernation total time is 178 sec and hiberread is 64 sec

That's according to the xml files I attached.

I'll do another track and attach again.

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There is no option for that in the BIOS.

I ipdated the BIOS recently with the latest version from hp.

Its an old laptop pavilion dv5000

I think your point is to see if my hdd performs well enough. Its a normal old ATA hard drive nowhere near the speed of the new SSDs but to take THAT long to load I think something is wrong in the configuration or bootloader or master boot record, not that much with the hard drive itself.

Just my opinion.

I'll search more and if nothing works i'll try to reinstall windows 8 from cd room and/or edit the boot record

If you think of something else tell me.

By the way thanks for the good guide. It helps a lot

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By the way thanks for the good guide. It helps a lot


But I have no real idea. The only thing you can try is to disable hibernation, defrag the HDD and activate hibernation again. Maybe the hibernation files to fragmented too much.

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I have quite long Winlogon init phase, my monitor's dispay is black before the system shows me logon ui (after resolution is changed to native one), the blank screen holds for a quite time before system shows me its initial screen with clock in the lower left corner.

https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2-5mdG39PcAWWlhdzVlS0R4Rms/edit?usp=sharing - here is my trace with situation that matches the description above.

What do I need to do to solve this problem?

I would really appreciate help of this wonderful community. Thanks.

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My Microsoft request credentials also take too long. Is there anyway to sign in without them but still get all of the administrative rights, etc, etc? Or make the Microsoft sign in faster?


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