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Get WAIK Tools w/o downloading the huge ISO's


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Hi Robinek,


Tripredacus is right, there isn't any need to update.

There are few tools that just have raised version numbers, but no change in functionality.


Also not all files have been updated, so it would be necessary to download both versions,

that would result in longer download time.

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I have a problem with the integration of updates Windows 7 on a computer with xp windows.


you have, the basis of your DISM but has bad numbers for Windows 7 SP1. 

6.1.7600 instead of 6.1.7601. 

I do not know whether the end that's the cause of the problem.


powered google translator

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Updated to version 2.0

- removed ia64 architecture
- reduced download size
- changed folder layout according to ADK install
- added command line options: -xpramboot, -xpwimboot -7z:{pathto7z.exe}
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Concerning what is downloaded for say... ADK5 DISM... how was it tested or determined which files were needed for DISM to work properly? In my experience, you only need two files from ADK for 8.1 to run that DISM on Windows 7:





Or is it just "to play it safe" to grab all the DISM related files?

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Dism will load dynamically what it needs, like VHD or WIM providers.


Since all is located in the same cab file, compete dism package is downloaded.


also including 


- power shell scripts

- api sets to run dism on older windows host

- drivers to mount WIM or access wimboot / compact setups
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I'm not aware of any new W10 ADK versions. For the public there were only 2 this year.


Maybe users of the insider program got more?

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