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Get WAIK Tools w/o downloading the huge ISO's


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Hi Dan777,

yes, I forgot to mention that one.
We used the old bcd*.exe tools from Win10 ADK 1511 for compatibility with Windows 7.
Microsoft removed this ADK version, so GWT now loads 2004 version and alters bcdedit.exe to let it run on Win7

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On 10/23/2020 at 7:11 AM, JFX said:

Version 20.10

- removed ADK 8.0 options

Yup! They appear to be failures, even with older versions. Folders in older version would be created but empty (ADK_4 and sub-folders). Not sure if useful, but I got them while the still existed.

Side: The latest v20.10 (32-bit) doesn't run on XP/2003 (32-bit) for some reason. (Note that I "jumped" to the end of the topic, so...) Guess I'll try them on a 64-bit Win7/Win10 (I have them loaded on another PC). Not worth loading XP/2003 x64 right now. Busy trying to Reconstruct WinRE.WIM on a friend's Dell that a "helper" upgraded to Win10 and destroyed it (deleted when I had her "uninstall/back out). She's mad at the "helper" now. Won't let anyone but me work with it. (Addendum Side: Last person a few years ago "boogered" her profile - Original Name is using "Test" user-id - probably tried to "fix" using the XP-but-wrong-way method of make-new and copy-to...)

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Yeah this tool is dead. there is simply no need for it anymore.
Stick with older version or use adksetup.exe with terrible 45 MB download.

If you have a current OS, why would you need them anyway?

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