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favorite image format:  

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  1. 1. favorite image format:

    • .PNG
    • .GIF
    • .JPEG
    • .TIFF
  2. 2. favorite text format

    • .TXT
    • .RTF
    • .DOCX
    • .DOC
  3. 3. favorite video format

    • .avi
    • .wmv
    • .MOV

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The question doesn't even make sense. They all have different purposes, they are for different needs.

.PNG is a modern-day GIF, for indexed colors (GIF still being useful for animated pictures)

.JPEG is a lossy format, for things with too much colors for an indexed format (photos mainly)

.TIFF is a lossless format

and you're missing .PSD, many other picture formats, and all the vector type stuff too.

.TXT is raw text.

.DOCX is simply a modern .DOC (which is best for antique versions of MS Office) i.e. formatted text

.RTF is more of a niche format which very little people use (along with .ODF, .WPD and others)

.avi is a ghetto but extremely common container (mainly used for older xvid and divx codecs) which says absolutely nothing of what's inside or its quality

.wmv is Microsoft's proprietary format

.MOV is Apple's proprietary Quicktime format

and you're missing the modern-day avi replacement: .mkv and also .mp4 (both often used for H.264/AAC content)

It makes absolutely no sense to pick just one option, and none are inherently better than the other two. They're all useful for different things, so you just use the one that works best for what you have to do. The question might as well have been:

What's best?

[ ] spoon

[ ] fork

[ ] knife

[ ] car

[ ] boat

[ ] plane

[ ] screwdriver

[ ] hammer

[ ] saw

[ ] bed

[ ] kitchen table

[ ] chair

[ ] refrigerator

[ ] stove

[ ] dishwasher

and so on. You're choosing between dissimilar things, used for different purposes, so it makes no sense to pick one over another.

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Pfft. You got them all wrong :P

say you made a piece of artwork and wanted to save it to show your friend when you go to their house which picture format would you use?

I'd show it to them on nice fuji crystal archive paper or perhaps even a giclée or canvas print ;)

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(PICTURE FORMAT) I never use PNG, it's a horrible format! It does compress 256 color images considerably more than GIF does, so I can see it being used for small webpage graphics or logos in place of GIF, but not much else. On the other hand, you can create animations with GIF files... so, it's a toss up. Personally, I'll take GIF. The reason PNG was created in the first place was because GIF had a lzw compression patent that needed liscensing if you were to compress GIF files (which 99.9% are compressed). PNG was supposed to be a free replacement. But that lzw patent has expired (as of 2003) and GIFs can be used freely now for commercial purposes. Furthermore, I hate websites that use PNG files for regular photographs, normally what jpegs are for, because all they do is waste bandwidth or take longer to load on dial-up. You can take a PNG photograph and compress it into a high quailty JPeg using a quality parameter of around 90-95%, you'll have the same exact picture, but the JPG will be less than half the file size of the PNG. And from an artistic/commercial stand point, I don't think PNGs are used that much either for professional photo editing - correct me if I'm wrong. Most professional programs have their own proprietary format. For me, I use Jpegs 95% of the time. I'll save some of my artwork that's in progress as plain windows bitmaps (.bmp file), whch I might compress into PNG later. Usually though, Jpeg suffices for most finished products. PNG might make a good intermediate format, until you're finished working on a picture that can be ultimately saved as JPG. (TEXT FORMATS) Rich text all the way. As a windows ME user, rich text is the only choice I have besides Word '97 or 2000. Now that I've gotten used to it, if I had a newer computer I'd still choose a freeware RTF word processor over anything from Microsoft or Google docs. My second choice would be the AbiWord document format (.abw), or else the open office format.

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don't you have a favorite file format?

I know this inst directed at me but I still give you my answer :sneaky: . I use doc since soft maker 2008 was given out for free sometime ago and as Me user I couldn't turn the offer down. (compatible with 98 too) Though I also like .rtf files I haven't used one since I got softmaker 2008 for free (dont think its free anymore :no:)

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You and me, Flasche, we must be the only guys on the internet who use Windows ME ;-)

You can thank this thread for makeing me realize Win Me was better than 98 http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/61407-service-pack-for-windows-me/ and this guys wise words http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/61407-service-pack-for-windows-me/page-20#entry841393 . It was M$ fault for riding on the 2000 computer scare and not giving Win Me proper unbuggy programs.

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