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Windows 7 or window XP


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I'm not really reading the same thing as you in that sentence I guess. But his speech sure shows commitment to Metro overall.

On each Blog post there were several users who asked if it can be disabled or not. And his reaction shows that we will never get this. Look at the blog post, only metro topics. The funny fact is that Apple came to the conclusion that working with touch on a desktop is not an ergonomically way to work and only MS want to force the users to use a PC this way. I don't want to unbend my arm 9 or 10 hours a day by touching a Monitor to work with a PC. This is a horrible UX. The human arms are not "designed" for such an thing :realmad:

And the unbounded cheek is that MS censors now negative feedback in the blog comments :realmad:

Also a disadvantage of Hyper-V is that it requires SLAT support. So all Intel Core2Duo/Quads are not able to use it. Booting from USb drives is also limited to Enterprise Edition only because each stick requires a VLK (MAK, KMS or the new AD based activation).

Overall Windows 8 = MS Metro 1.0. If there is a way to disable Metro, it is only Windows 7 + stupid license restrictions for the few new features. I'm now typing this from Linux, Windows is dead for me.

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And his reaction shows that we will never get this.

Call me naive, but I'd like to believe MS won't commit suicide like this. They'd either be handing the whole computing market over to Apple, or forcing people to stick to an outdated version of Windows for far too long, until they correct their stance (after that epic flop). But most likely it would be a bit of the former, and a lot of the latter.

Also a disadvantage of Hyper-V is that it requires SLAT support

Oh, so yet another reason to stick to VMWare's products? Great. Along with the "only available on certain editions" thing, which only makes it available to the kind of people (IT guys basically) who already have a lot invested in their competitor's superior products?

If there is a way to disable Metro, it is only Windows 7 + stupid license restrictions for the few new features.

Well, some of the features seem nice still, but again, nothing really amazing. But it's possibly the first Windows version that doesn't really bring something I really care for. There's small things here and there (e.g. I believe it's going to get an AV built-in, but all that does is save me installing MSE by hand). It feels more of a Windows 7 R2 (very little changed) -- besides Metro obviously. Seemingly it's going to be the 2nd MS OS that I skip updating to (the first being WinME), in ~25 years of using their products. That's definitely not a good sign. As for work, with or without Metro, we definitely won't be migrating to that (we're not completely finished moving to Win 7 yet!)

I'm now typing this from Linux, Windows is dead for me.

Honestly, this VERY much sounds like a knee-jerk reaction. I'd MUCH sooner keep using a very much outdated WinXP copy (*shudder*) for the next decade than Linux (and no, it's not because I didn't actually try it! Much the inverse actually). At least XP still runs today some of the most useful software, that are today far ahead of what Linux will have to offer in a decade. If you said a Mac then I'd agree it's slowly becoming a credible platform. They got a version of MS Office, they have the whole Adobe CS Suite, they recently got a version of AutoCAD, the SolidWorks folks have been working on a Mac version for a while, they have several popular apps (most of which are pretty high quality, relatively-speaking e.g. Aperture, Final Cut, iWork, VMWare Fusion, etc), they got Steam recently, etc. At least I could do some of my work on a Mac, whereas a PC with Linux would only serve me as a boat anchor or a door stop. It doesn't have the software that's required to get work done and it's not going to get it anytime soon due to its "philosophy" being incompatible with commercial software. Heck, I'd sooner stick to a Metro-only Windows!

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What, are we off-topic at all? :angel I actually did consider splitting the topic.

And while we're off-topic, well, the VS 11 preview is kind of deceiving too. Besides support for Metro stuff, it just doesn't bring what I wish for (particularly as someone who mainly writes C#). Yes, async will be nice to have (it has very little else, and for things that you'd use async for, we normally have other threads running anyway), but how about integrating things like the Windows API Code Pack 1.1 into the .NET framework, to access the core features of Windows? You know, things like TaskDialogs, Direct2D and Direct3D11 (then again we have SlimDX and SharpDX), control of the Win 7 taskbar stuff, etc. This basic stuff should be built-in really, along with equivalents to Resharper / CodeRush+Refactor! / VisualAssistX, and LINQPad too. I'm not convinced yet that VS 11 will be a worthwhile upgrade either, unless you're primarily a C++ person in which case C++11 support probably sounds nice.

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Also lets not forget the ot WAS "winxp or win7"???

You all seem to want to debate if he should JUST use an OS that isn't even realy past alpha!

Er... should I hang myself for suggesting him to try W8? Indeed he didn't mention it in his post.

But I must say it's interesting to read what people are discussing in this topic!

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Please tells about Computer Configuration

Windows XP includes both improvements to the operating system and several new features that enhance the user experience. The most noticeable change in Windows XP is the user interface, which includes a revised Start menu and updated Task Bar. The new look is possible because Windows XP can be skinned, which lets the interface be changed dramatically with a new facility called themes.

Windows XP also introduces fast user switching, which allows multiple users to be logged onto their own sessions at the same time on the same machine and, as the name implies, they can switch back and forth quickly. Another new feature, ClearType, is discussed here as well.

10 Advantages of Windows 7

1. A better desktop.

2. Smarter search

3. Easy sharing with HomeGroup

4. Built for speed

5. Better wireless networking

6. Windows Touch

7. Plays well with devices

8. Watch, listen, and stream

9. Internet Explorer 9 and Windows Live

10. Nag-free notifications

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