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  1. As expected, the time has come when we will get one or the other Windows 8 updates rapidly. Trust me friends after getting this update, I completely agree that Windows 8 is a concept that goes beyond our imagination and will surely bring a sphere of evolution in the technology. The update involves a controller developed for Microsoft, a new-fangled feature that lets you to use your eye ball for controlling the mouse pointer as the Windows 8 is a touch based operating system. The feature is very easy to use, as to control your cursor movements you will make use of your eye balls and to substitute for a mouse-click you just need to blink and you are done.
  2. Error Code 43 on bluetooth device on laptop

    Install Driver OR Use previous Operating System
  3. Windows 7 Control Panel

    You can see "view by" the top right corner in control panel
  4. Windows 7 or window XP

    Please tells about Computer Configuration Windows XP includes both improvements to the operating system and several new features that enhance the user experience. The most noticeable change in Windows XP is the user interface, which includes a revised Start menu and updated Task Bar. The new look is possible because Windows XP can be skinned, which lets the interface be changed dramatically with a new facility called themes. Windows XP also introduces fast user switching, which allows multiple users to be logged onto their own sessions at the same time on the same machine and, as the name implies, they can switch back and forth quickly. Another new feature, ClearType, is discussed here as well. 10 Advantages of Windows 7 1. A better desktop. 2. Smarter search 3. Easy sharing with HomeGroup 4. Built for speed 5. Better wireless networking 6. Windows Touch 7. Plays well with devices 8. Watch, listen, and stream 9. Internet Explorer 9 and Windows Live 10. Nag-free notifications
  5. windows 7 glitches

    Use latest version of Operating System and Regular Update it.