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RT Seven Lite - RC build 1.7.0 and Beta build 2.6.0

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I successfully customized and removed components from my Windows 7 installation using RT7 Lite + RT7-Booster. OS is stable and everything is working.

I am familiar with modifying UIFILE part in the DLL's, but I am unable to find any lines that would refer to, for example, Windows Easy Transfer in sdcpl.dll.

1) Thanks for your feedback !

2) Try with "Backup and Restore CPL", maybe this help.

Hi wint . So i have used RT7 Boster after RT7 and the difference between the programs are only 30mb. Infact with only RT7 my 7 x64 as been sized to 2.32gb an with RT7 + RT7 Booster is 2.29. Yes 2.3gb is ok for x64 i queston if is normal.

This is normal, because not all components (from previous version 4.68.202) have been added for the moment. I'm working on it. So, if you want to save more space, you need to select more components in "NEW" tab or download the previous 4.68.202 version.


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2) Try with "Backup and Restore CPL", maybe this help.

What do you mean? I'm trying to remove links to "Windows Easy Transfer" and "Create a system repair disc" because I removed the functionality with RT7 Lite. :)

Is it possible?

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I just said, that you could try to search in the "Backup and Restore" control panel that displays your 2 links you want to remove ... This is probably possible but I couldn't help you on this, sorry. :huh:

PS : thanks myselfidem :)

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Encountered another problem. :(

Windows Explorer crashes when trying to open DVD drive, because of "msvcrt.dll" (0x00000005). However, I'm sure that it's not the faulting module, but something that I removed causes this..

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Never had this ... It could be a problem with your drivers. Do you use the latest drivers for your hardware ?

It encountered in VMWare (without drivers and with drivers). The point is, it didn't occur before removing components. I probably have to start from scratch and do a test installation after every step.

Edit: I also have a problem with Disk Management -> Shrink

It doesn't work, but I am unable to find the component responsible for it.

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RT7-Booster v5.03.205



- Support for "IE9-Windows6.1-KB2744842" updates for Internet Explorer 9 (x32 and x64)

- Update French and Serbian Languages


-> From previous RT7-Booster versions

- RT7 =

. Action Center

. ActiveX

. Application Experience

. Autoplay

. Biometrics

. Block Level Backup (BLB)

. Calculator

. Character Map

. Clean Manager

. Clear Type Tuner

. Codec Audio - Decoder - Mp3

. Codec Audio - Decoder - Mp4

. Codec Video - Decoder - Mpeg2

. Codec Video - Decoder - Mpeg4

. Codec Video - Decoder - Mpeg43

. Codec Video - Encoder - Mpeg2 and Ac3

-> Totally New

- RT7 =

. Codec Audio - Decoder - Mpeg2

. Codec Video - Encoder - H264

- Tweaks =

. EXPLORER - Disable Thumbnail Cache

. TERMINAL - Optimizations for Windows 7


- Optimization = Forgot to activate “Clean Installation DVD Uneeded Files” component

- “Save in Wim File” was always activated even after creating an ISO or save in Wim file

- Newly added components were not available to remove

Link Removed

EDIT : Download link is available ! :)

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