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  1. meigyoku

    WinNTSetup v3.9.3.1

    I will try later, thank you. I wrote that "the software say: Do not see EFI partition" because I did not remember but I will try later.
  2. meigyoku

    WinNTSetup v3.9.3.1

    My disk is GPT. When I use winnt setup (last version) to install windows 8.1, the software say: Do not see EFI partition, I continue install windows 8.1 on GPT disk, and can not start windows 8.1.
  3. meigyoku

    WinNTSetup v3.9.3.1

    Thank you, I understand!
  4. meigyoku

    WinNTSetup v3.9.3.1

    I run winnt (lastest version) on both of Windows 7, 8 and Windows 7 PE, only display as picture: If choose Yes, it's OK but in Windows PE, I can not connect Internet. Thanks!
  5. Sysprep does not remove any user profiles. It disables the Administrator account. If you create a user account in Audit Mode (for example) and the sysprep /OOBE, you'll create your new account, etc. But if you choose to log out of Windows, the other account will be available for you to select. OOBE will always request to create a user account, as that is what it is designed to do. If you don't want to create a user account, you'll have to research on how to do the customizations and then create the new user account using an XML file, and use the CopyProfile function. What are the "settings" you made? It is possible they can be done with the XML as well. Thank you. It's impossible use user I created before. But some tool chinese can do I wrote above (but only with Windows 7).
  6. I only want use sysprep for specific users because I made some settings for that user. I do not want create new user. Could you tell me how to do that? Thank you!
  7. I installed Windows 8, created one user account with named "Hello". I run System Preparation tool 3.14 (C:\Windows\System32\Sysprep) with option as follow piture: But after run System Preparation tool 3.14, reboot Windows 8, I have to create new user. I do not want to create new user. I only want use user "Hello" I readed help of System Preparation tool 3.14 (Sysprep.exe /?) and suppose that I must create unattend.xml to active user Hello. Could you help me create unattend.xml to active user Hello? This is System Preparation tool 3.14 help: Sorry for my English.
  8. meigyoku

    WinNTSetup v3.9.3.1

    Maybe I wrong (did not choose Mount install driver as C:), thank you, if have fail I will tell you!
  9. meigyoku

    WinNTSetup v3.9.3.1

    do you used the option in that picture? I used the option in that your picture, and this fail:
  10. meigyoku

    WinNTSetup v3.9.3.1

    JFX, I use this tool install Windows 7 Lite After Installed by WinNTsetup 2.3, I use Norton Ghost create image file (A.GHO) Extract A.GHO image file to other PC But after install, Partion installed Windows 7 is named D: (I want it is named C:)
  11. I want use this software in Windows XP but you are not support.
  12. meigyoku

    WinNTSetup v3.9.3.1

    Can I use this tool for Windows 8 Consumer Preview?
  13. @Fernando 1: Please tell me where link new driver SATA, AHCI (masstore) driver for Windows XP 64 bit? Thank you!
  14. meigyoku

    WinNTSetup v3.9.3.1

    I tried with your help. It's successfull. Thank you alot. You're great!