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  1. Hi guys, Just to let you know that I'm working on a totally new WinReducer 7.0 - v3.0 ! It will completely replace RT7-Lite to remove Windows 7 components with many other stuff ... This new software is a standalone software but for the moment it's in "pre-alpha" stage but as the things are progressing faster than I thought, so I will propably release a beta version before the end of March. If you want more information about it, it's on the WinReducer forum .... http://www.winreducer.net See you soon and have a good day ! Regards. winterstorm2050
  2. "WinReducer 8 - 0.52 (alpha)" is available (informations in the 1st post) ...
  3. I have also this trouble and I find the problem but I don't find any solutions .... ORIGINAL ISO : SAME ISO WITH CUMULATIVES UPDATES : It seems that there are too many copies stores in the WinSXS folder, so the difference is 203 Mo for nothing and just for 1 update (IE cumulative update) ... Only Windows 8 do that and not Windows 7 .... So i hope that Windows 8.1 will change that ...
  4. Thanks ! And "WinReducer 8 - 0.51 (alpha)" is available (informations in the 1st post) ...
  5. WinReducer 8 - 0.50 (alpha) is available (informations in the 1st post) ...
  6. Hello all, WinReducer 8 – v0.52 (2013.06.26) - Changelog : WinReducer 8 – v0.51 (2013.06.23) - Changelog : WinReducer 8 – v0.50 (2013.06.15) - Changelog : More Informations here => Website WinterStorm2050.
  7. Hi all, It depends on what you want to do : - Win Toolkit : add things to your ISO - WinReducer 8 : Remove things from your ISO - vlite : not sure about what it could do for windows 8
  8. Did you extract your Windows 8 ISO by yourself ?
  9. Hello all, Just to inform you, that I prepared since few weeks a new website for RT7-Booster. And it's now on-line. For this occasion, RT7-Booster will evolve by changing his name to "WinReducer for Windows 7". You could have a look here : B)
  10. theKramer : 1) I will release my "Components to keep" thread in MSFN in the next few days, where you could find many useful informations for RT7-Lite. 2) Tomorrow, I will release a version 5.04 without the files "imagex and oscdimg". So you will need to download them and rename them. But no worries I will add a how to. B)
  11. These are just two independent informations (the reason of the colour), I should have clarify this earlier. In my mind it was clear but it seems that it has been misinterpreted. B)
  12. Hey guys, I have no problems with moderators, they are doing their jobs, and I don't want to make troubles here. I just want to say that if I'm suspending RT7-Booster, this is not related to this problem (and I never say that...), this is just because for few weeks, I will not have too much time to continue adding stuffs in it .... The story will continue but only in few weeks ... That's all folks .... B)
  13. Don't forget that, I pm you 2 days ago to ask you if I could transfer my files (Components to Keep and RT7-Booster) from Rockers Team Forum to MSFN Unattended Windows 7... So I think that the better choice should be to inform me before write and do this .... I could adapt the source code for that and remove the download link ... I'm suspending the development of RT7-Booster
  14. RT7-Booster v5.03.205 CHANGELOG * GENERAL - Support for "IE9-Windows6.1-KB2744842" updates for Internet Explorer 9 (x32 and x64) - Update French and Serbian Languages * COMPONENTS -> From previous RT7-Booster versions - RT7 = . Action Center . ActiveX . Application Experience . Autoplay . Biometrics . Block Level Backup (BLB) . Calculator . Character Map . Clean Manager . Clear Type Tuner . Codec Audio - Decoder - Mp3 . Codec Audio - Decoder - Mp4 . Codec Video - Decoder - Mpeg2 . Codec Video - Decoder - Mpeg4 . Codec Video - Decoder - Mpeg43 . Codec Video - Encoder - Mpeg2 and Ac3 -> Totally New - RT7 = . Codec Audio - Decoder - Mpeg2 . Codec Video - Encoder - H264 - Tweaks = . EXPLORER - Disable Thumbnail Cache . TERMINAL - Optimizations for Windows 7 * BUGS RESOLVED - Optimization = Forgot to activate “Clean Installation DVD Uneeded Files” component - “Save in Wim File” was always activated even after creating an ISO or save in Wim file - Newly added components were not available to remove Link Removed EDIT : Download link is available !
  15. Yes good idea. If you could try to do a quick test with VirtualBox, just to compare if it's not a problem from VMware ...
  16. Never had this ... It could be a problem with your drivers. Do you use the latest drivers for your hardware ?
  17. I just said, that you could try to search in the "Backup and Restore" control panel that displays your 2 links you want to remove ... This is probably possible but I couldn't help you on this, sorry. PS : thanks myselfidem
  18. 1) Thanks for your feedback ! 2) Try with "Backup and Restore CPL", maybe this help. This is normal, because not all components (from previous version 4.68.202) have been added for the moment. I'm working on it. So, if you want to save more space, you need to select more components in "NEW" tab or download the previous 4.68.202 version. B)
  19. Strange because that's working for me ... I'm using "Manage" from right clic on "My Computer" and disk management is working ... B)
  20. Hey myselfidem, I'm already working on a new version (a post + pdf), thank you for your help, I will create a new post with everything from my "Components to Keep" and "RT7-Booster" threads from Rockers Team forum.. B) PS : could you please remove your quote to avoid troubles when I add my post ? Just because many things will change on it ... Thank you my friend ... PS2 : And in my signature you could find all post links when they will be finished ....
  21. Thank you. Yes you could find my lastsessions from rockers team forum in my previous post (RT7-Booster v5.02.185) if you need to add components from my lastsesssion for your need try to use this link (Google cache for the first post of the "Components to Keep" from Rockers Team Forum) : Link For the moment, the RT7-Booster Tools (Link, Informations) are not centralized but I will do a better work in some days. B)
  22. Hello all, Yes, the RT forum is unavailable, unfortunately I don't have any informations if it will be definitively .... Sorry ... But, RT7-Booster will continue in the RT7-Lite MSFN thread, for interested people. B)

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