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  1. Hi Winter, why do not consider to leave out of the packet the MS file?Simply the user can download the file separately and autonomously...
  2. Hi wint . So i have used RT7 Boster after RT7 and the difference between the programs are only 30mb. Infact with only RT7 my 7 x64 as been sized to 2.32gb an with RT7 + RT7 Booster is 2.29. Yes 2.3gb is ok for x64 i queston if is normal. booster.xml
  3. http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/10042-win-toolkit-rt7-lite-rt7-booster/#entry89247 Seem to be a interessant job...
  4. Not really abbandoned because I developped a simple seperate tool to optimize even more the process removal (only it) of RT7 Lite. You could find it here : http://www.rtwincustomize.net/web/index.php?/topic/8953-rt7-booster/ You need to use RT7-Lite first to customize your ISO and ONLY AFTER you could use my tool : RT7-Booster. B) Hi yes i try in this moment...the removal component seem very slow (one hour and i'm in the wifi removal with the last modules packs) but seem on the good way..Fortunately for now i had got few problem with RT7 and i've managed to integrate the services pack 1 and updates on the iso created by the original DVD. I'm italian so i've remeved the it languages exe. The rest is like a original last packs.
  5. Because the tool is abbandoned...And there are no equivalent alternatives...
  6. There are so many other things to do while waiting for a test and programs... Sure...
  7. Auto quote me. Sorry if a topic is already covered. 1) I read that had been resolved the problem of removal of the snipping tool. I removed the Tablet PC is gone but also the snipping tool. 2) Is possible to disable the swap file like as the ibernation ? 3) Is possible to config the Lan setting? I can't find a cofig section if present. Bye If tablet PC was selected then snipping tool will also be deleted. There is a way to keep the file to run? Perhaps it would be enough to constrain the program does not delete them regardless. So takes up little space and is very useful.
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