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  1. I finally managed to get rid of these errors! Here's what I did: 1. Problem: Disk Management -> Shrink Volume displayed the following error: Solution: Do not remove Disk Defragmenter (and Virtual Disk?) 2. Problem: Office 2010 Pro Plus encountered an error: While you could simply click "Ignore" when installing it manually, you couldn't do that when installing office silently (installation rolled-back). Solution #1: Keep Japanese language (I didn't want to keep it) Solution #2: Keep (or copy back to Windows\Fonts) the following Japanese font files: meiryo.ttc msgothic.ttc msmincho.ttc However, I did keep Estonian and Russian language because I need them! So if you're still getting Error 1907, it must be something to do with these 2 languages or something else you removed. The problem I had with Windows Explorer restarting magically disappeared. If you find my post helpful, please comment. And sorry for any grammar mistakes I may have made.
  2. Removing Disk Defragmenter breaks Disk Management -> Shrink Volume. Just in case someone needs it.
  3. It encountered in VMWare (without drivers and with drivers). The point is, it didn't occur before removing components. I probably have to start from scratch and do a test installation after every step. Edit: I also have a problem with Disk Management -> Shrink It doesn't work, but I am unable to find the component responsible for it.
  4. Encountered another problem. Windows Explorer crashes when trying to open DVD drive, because of "msvcrt.dll" (0x00000005). However, I'm sure that it's not the faulting module, but something that I removed causes this..
  5. What do you mean? I'm trying to remove links to "Windows Easy Transfer" and "Create a system repair disc" because I removed the functionality with RT7 Lite. Is it possible?
  6. Hello everybody! I successfully customized and removed components from my Windows 7 installation using RT7 Lite + RT7-Booster. OS is stable and everything is working. However, I do have one question: Is it possible to remove links from Navigation Pane? For example removing "Windows Easy Transfer" link seen on this picture: http://www.howtogeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/SetBackup.png I am familiar with modifying UIFILE part in the DLL's, but I am unable to find any lines that would refer to, for example, Windows Easy Transfer in sdcpl.dll.

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