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  1. This looks so awesome... Gonna try it later.
  2. Actually, there is a forum for Winreducer. Here you go: Winreducer Forum Apparently, you're the only person who presents those symptoms. I've got 0 problems with Winreducer.
  3. 1. The creator of RT 7 Lite, bensam56, recently said he will create a tool to shrink Windows 8, RT 8 Lite, if you wish. You can find out more at the Rockers Team forums. 2. winterstorm, the creator of RT 7 Booster (renamed to Winreducer), has released Winreducer for Windows 8. So far, that is the completest Windows 8 shrinking software I've seen. You can find out more at the Winreducer forum (just Google "winreducer"). 3. Win Toolkit, from Legolash20, claims to work with Windows 8. Judging by the comments in this post, I'm not sure that's true. Anyway, you can find out more in Wincert forums.
  4. Applying WinReducer for Windows 7 will make my ISO lighter than 1GB.
  5. Good informatoin @spreiii. Winter, what "TERMINAL - Optimizations for Windows 7" is for?
  6. Of course is not normal xd Just by removing languages you should get off about 0.04 GB out of the WIM
  7. To create a Virtual Hard Drive, you need that Microsoft driver... I thought you were talking about things like formatting a drive or create a partition, y'know xd
  8. @theKramer About the Microsoft driver, again, you're wrong. I remove all of the Storage Controller drivers and Virtual Disk is still working. About MMC, yes, removing anything there will make a popup appear every time you try to open it. Post your last session and I'll check what's wrong, OK?
  9. Yeah, man. Removing MSDSM doesn't breaks Disk Management. Either, you removed Virtual Disk service, or you removed Disk Management from Microsoft Common Console Document.
  10. I see you on Wincert forum and you use a crap?? What do you want? http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/10042-win-toolkit-rt7-lite-rt7-booster/#entry89247 Strange boy you are! Cheers Now I'm not sure what you're trying to say.
  11. DID you ever donate anything to help keep it running? I know you from somewhere. You're the guy I just answered in Wincert Forums! Hi! BTW, I'm 15 and from a 3rd world country. That's pretty much the reason I didn't donated anything.
  12. ]This thread is in an incomplete state and is based in my Windows 7 DVD (Windows 7 Ultimate N SP1 x64 English) and it'll be updated as much as I want. Any help would be appreciated. Hello there. First of all, this is a project inspired by both, WinterStorm 2050's "Components to Keep" thread from Rockers Team Forums and LUZR4LIFE's "nLite Component Removal Explanation" thread from Wincert Forums (this thread helped me a lot when I was a little brat) and is the fruit of years of research and learning. This thread is aimed for those who want to slim the hell down their Windows 7 WIMs but are ju
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