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[Release] Siginet's PLoP USB Boot Manager Installer


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ey as I have understood "USB Boot Siginet's PLOP" only works when windows is installed.idont have installed windows .my hhd is clear ,no os installed as I can do?

i want to install windows on a pentium 3 that has no cd drive and you have not installed any system os

please helpme

and another thing no one speaks Spanish?

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I am currently using a floppy disk to use plop on systems without the usb boot bios option.

Sorry to be a noob, but could someone explain how to do this, or provide a link to an explanation? That would fix the problem of trying to use this on a "blank" or "clean" system where Windows is not installed.

Cheers and Regards

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i have installed plop into computer and when i try to boot from usb after restart it only displays one msg, XO i dont know what the hell is this and why it doesn't boot from usb.

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Siginet's PLoP USB Boot Manager Installer


Release Notes:

v0.9.9.0 12/17/09

GRUB4DOS removed. Now it uses only PLoP!

Added support for Vista, 2008 and Windows 7!

Fixed a potential bug with the uninstall process.

If you want to use your own PLoP files put them in a folder called PLoP inside the directory with SiginetUSB.exe

Which all PLoP files need to be put inside PLoP folder for using the latest version? Only plpbt.bin?

There is a confusing array of files within PLoP downloads!

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