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I am trying to find a solution to protect school computers from malware. We have netsupport school and deepfreeze in every students computer to manage students computers remotely and keeping hard disk virus free respectively. Even there is a deepfreeze during the lecture students plug USB drives and worms slow down the system and this affects overall performance of network during the lesson. Even though we disabled autorun and autorun.inf by using famous autorun.inf sys doesnotexist trick, they still manage to run worms from flash drives. Is there a any simple program which disables running executables from any drive letter I choose? I tried netsupport protect but it is too complex and besides I dont want netsupport protect and deepfreeze together. I tried Trust-No-exe but it has some compatibility issues and it is no longer maintained. Any help will be appreciated.

Student computer has windows xp sp3 installed and we don't have any server installed.

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We have couple of drives




So making them guest account will disable running exe from F:\ G:\ and so on? I don't get it. I also disabled autorun as I said but it doesn't help so much. Yes it doesn't autorun but they can still run executables from USB drives.

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It seems at least, with Deep Freeze, you are on the right track as far as administration goes. If the problem is that your students are using USB Keys, are these allowed or used for the actual class? I mean are they required for the curriculum? If not then this wouldn't necessarily have to have an IT solution.

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I run our labs using DF and i just freeze the whole disc. if thats not an option, your infections may not be coming in over USB drives they could be getting infected via the browser.

in which case you have 2 options:

1. harden/replace the browser,

2. limit the network. we use a product called untangle which filters out the traffic and lets us see where they are going and block if needed. all you need is a decent spec PC with 2 nics, place it in between your labs network switch or access point and their net connection

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If it is affordable we can also go for commercial solution. I hope there are trials of that softwares to try it first.


I do not want to disable the USB. Students need to copy some work from or to the computers. I just want to disable execute from USB drive. Trust-No-Exe works very well but it is not developed anymore and I am afraid that we may end up with problems. For example it gives BSOD with windows 7.


When we restart the computers, there are no problems. Our problems when they try to run some programs from flash drive. Let's say you are lecturing and one sneaky student opened a worm from his flash drive. Sometimes it blocks the network or degrades the performance of controlling software.

Thanks again for all the help.

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