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  1. http://www.google.com/search?q=diihost.exe&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a Google gave me this. Could be a real com/exe or a swado-virus??? read and good luck Oh yea It;s dllhost.exe
  2. HAPPY EASTER ... ...
  3. I WILL GUESS THAT u (oops Lock on) have looked at the open in safe mode(Firefox) and closed all add-ons and see if this fixes it???
  4. Might not be the same BUT... my 2 versions of win7-64 ultimate had..had trouble until I reset address to static and .102 and the XP machine on .103 . SO long story short, it worked out, for a while till XP machine shut down (DHCP FROM ROUTER ON WHOLE TIME)and win 7 systems stopped logging...reset win 7 's to DHCP all good. I never did a study to find the trouble and a quick fix at home was all i needed but it might be a start, I tried home network no help tried self fix in windows no help...i never repaired the win XP machine . Good Luck....
  5. Well, this is in a lot of programs and Yahoo is one who if you install the tool bar you can never get rid of the yahoo blank page setting.I uninstalled and upped to Win 7 and finally lost the prompt...look in the startup folder of XP...run msconfig enter..other than that blow it up and buy a mac no no not really lol Just Kidding good luch
  6. cdob is correct the new hard and soft...is only higher speeds... BUT,,.. look on e-bay for old gear if you must I still stand by my last post>WHY! would you need 1X when it makes no difference
  7. LOLOLOL Yes you can burn at 1x BUT why? data is data no matter what speed yo0u burn at as long as it is accurate! If you want better sounding CD's use higher sample and bit rates or for mp3's higher kps like 320 ...stand alone CD players will only play 44.1kht at16 bit but Quick time and others will play 192khtz and 24 bit in and out.. Good luck and read up on tech audio for more info......
  8. Try tracking the band and send a wave file to the singer! or fly all the band to Chicago to rehearse at 35thst.com
  9. well folks I thank you all and the answer is (drum roll p-lease) new/update bios driver set and macdrive8 software .....so far all is good thanks
  10. well I got out-the-box for a moment...here is whats happening, I have win 7 on a PC with Pro-tools audio soft and hardware installed. Pro-tools was mac based for ever and now is windows based too.This leads customers to bring to my shop external HDD's with the audio and PT (pro-tools) files or sessions that were worked on at home or at other shops in to me and want me and my PC to open load and work on them. When the files are from a mac I have a G4 on the network and plug the HDD into the USB port and load on to the shared folder in the mac, then move the files to the PC , then, open in the PC to work on them. I was looking to leave the Mac out of the loop and load to the PC directly.I plugged in the "MAC" drive to my office PC and got the HDD in the devices and printers area of the start menu, not the computer area that shows the other HDD's. I attempted to open the "MAC" drive by looking at computer management / storage and found the drive in question as drive #5. I asked HFS to open using path,file or device and it tells me invalid hfs type. program supports HFS - HFS PLUS-X-Wrapped. I think that is all that there is. SO long story short how do I get mac files on the PC with out opening in a mac???? Thanks again
  11. help me PLEASEI have people come in with hard drives format with mac OS and need to open and work in windows 7 ...I am in pro tools HD and this using a G4 to open then over the network to the PC is time consuming and stinks... I have tried to open with software but the HDD ends up in the printers and other devices area not in the =computer area. USB 2.0 to link and most mac's are panther or older(10.3)....what do I do or what do I break to get this working ?????? Thanks
  12. seems to easy but I agree no admin.
  13. Video security software is available for single up to 32 audio and video inputs and is very reasonable to purchase. check security vid. dvr on search engine. I have used Korean branded gear that works well with XP. Only needed a translation to operate. :blink:
  14. Pro tools freeze can be the DAE. Try reload of same . aslo I have had PT lock on load due to slow drive +corrupt load file. try complete shut down all other .exe other than windows basic .This has helped in the past. Then PT is intensive number crunching program You might be overloading. see other reply Hope get to save your files. good luck JK 35thststudioschicago
  15. :hello, I have a video sent to me in rar packets, the download was incomplete and I would like to decompress what I have so I can try to use the vid sections. Any way to decompress with out the many packets complete? Thanks

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