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Download ALL Windows Updates after SP3


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Hi there!

I'm starting my first Nlite CD and I do have a question.

I have a Windows CD with SP3, but it's quite old. I can download the Updates via "Windows Update" and the'll be installed in the computer. But...

Is there a way to download ALL Updates (up to today) after the release of sp3 and include them in the NLite cd?



PS: I forgot to say that I have Windows Xp Professional 32

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Thanks very much for the replies!

I was not expectig so many so fast... THANKS!

I do have another question...

I found this "XP SP3 Update Pack 3.15 (Voll)" in a german website (I know german) http://winfuture.de/downloadvorschalt,2136.html

It's an exe file that should contain all the updates... have you used it?

Its easier to download one big file instead of 345 smal ones...

Thanks again!


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It's probably German language updates. Is that what you need? Also, 90 megs seems a little high. They don't list it's contents so who knows what's included.

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of course go and download a copy of Windows Updates Downloader, its operation is real simple and this will download all the updates for you


you could also try auto patcher this works in a very similar way to Windows Updates Downloader and is another tool I have found to be quite helpful


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I do have Windows XP Professional in German. Does this means that I can only use an Update Pack in german, or ist it possible to use the english one?

You`ve got to use the german hotfixes. You`re invited to "German-WinLite", see my signature.

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