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  1. hi i already though of that but i checked and i am using the lateste version of inno unpack 0.35 so any idea what im doin wrong ?
  2. hi all does anyone here how to use innounp ? see I'm having problems trying to work out how to get the batch processing working when i type c:\test\innounp.exe -x c:\test\setup.exe everything works as it should and the installed is unpacked however i have several installers that i want to unpack and i don't want to have to unpack each individually now according to the web site if I've understood it correctly it should be possible to have inno unpack process all files in a given directory by substituting the individual installer with dirname\*.* so c:\test\innounp.exe -x c:\test\setup.exe becomes c:\test\innounp.exe -x c:\test\*.* problems is that doesn't seem to work and inno unpack chokes and gives an error that it cant find the file specified and i don't understand why because as far as i can tell i have the proper command i tried looking round for additional documentation that might shed some light on what I'm doing wrong but all i keep finding is copies of what is on the inno unpack web site and that's not specific enough anyone got any ideas ?
  3. hi thanks for ya response I came across that post when I was searching for an answer my problem is that it doesn't give sufficient information is there a post that gives some step by step instructions ? on how to use the /integrate switch to slipstream these troublesome patches correctly
  4. hi all im encountering an odd glitch when I try to integrate the following hot fix WindowsXP-WindowsMedia-KB973540-x86-ENU this hot fix is a security up date for windows media player 9, 10 and 11 the default version of media player that comes on my disk is version 9 however for some reason when I try to integrate that patch its integrating the files for windows media player 11 when it should be integrating the files for windows media player 9 anyone have any idea what might be causing this and how to put a stop to it do you think this is a glitch with nlite or the actual patch its self ? I'm leaning towards nlite as the patch when installed from windows update does install correctly [edit] OK after some further research it seems its not only the above hot fix that's not been integrated correctly it would appear as though other patches for windows media player have not been integrated correctly either as I have found additional files for windows media player 11 when they should be v9 files OK how do I integrate these files correctly because it seems evident that nlite isn't doing it correctly due to the nature of the updates
  5. hi I looked up qchain but it says its for SP2 my windows disk is already SP2 and the local source is already SP3 I have managed to get that far with out issue its just the integration of the hot fixes I'm a little sketchy about
  6. hi of course go and download a copy of Windows Updates Downloader, its operation is real simple and this will download all the updates for you http://www.windowsupdatesdownloader.com/Default.aspx you could also try auto patcher this works in a very similar way to Windows Updates Downloader and is another tool I have found to be quite helpful http://www.autopatcher.com/
  7. hi all My brother asked my to make him an up-to-date copy of his windows disk because he needs to reinstall his computer and he doesn't want to spend ages downloading/installing stuff off the windows update afterwords however last time I tried this I ran into a nasty problem that caused the iso to go into a reboot loop when I tried to install after some investigation I narrowed down the suspect list to just 1 hot fix that seemed to be causing the issue and it was suggested to me that I needed to slipstream the hot fixes in the correct order to prevent this issue from occurring here is the post in question http://www.msfn.org/board/nlite-iso-reboot...p;mode=threaded my question however is how do you know what order you should slipstream the hot fixes in ? because nlite doesn't have a function to check the order for you ?
  8. hi I was wondering is it possible to use nlite to modify an existing installation of windows the same way one can with xplite ? or can nlite only be used for pre-installation Windows configuration and component removal ?? if it can only make changes pre installation will there be an update at some point that allows for the modification of an existing windows installation ? and what about restoring removed components using my original xp disk is there an option that allow me to restore removed components like I can with xplite ? finally is there some way to make nlite scan an existing configuration and have it show which components have already been removed and which have not see I made an xp disk and I wanted to updated it with patches which have been released since I made it I was also going to remove some additional components which I didn't remove the first time round however when I load my existing disk into nlite and go to the component removal screen it doesn't show which components have already been removed and which are still present and i'm wondering if there is some was to have nlite perform a comparative scan between my original xp disk and my modified disk and show me which components I have already removed and which have not
  9. hi i have no idea probably not i just selected all the updates from the critical folder and then added them to the list in one go i wasn't aware that i needed to add them to the list in any particular order i though nlite would automatically slipstream the files in the proper order humm . . . I'll have to take another shot at creating an nlited iso with that one applied but this time make sure to add the files in the right order see if that makes any difference as for checking the md5 hash how do i do that do i need some sort of a file scanner ?
  10. hi all im having trouble geting my nlited iso to work for some reasion i keeps geting stuck in a reboot loop and before anyone says it no im not nliting the files more than once i already though of that its also its not anything im changing either coz i still get this problem even when the only thing i do is to intergrate the servace pack and hot fixes and make an iso so anyone got any idea what is goin on and why i cant get this to work is it a bug in the current version of nlite ya think ?? or mabe a bug with SP3 its self ? [edit] ok the plot thickens dosnt seem lik this problem is with nlite or SP3 as i was able to slip stream just SP3 and make a working iso so it seem like the culprit maye in fact be one of the hot fixes coz as soon as i added the hot fixes and made a new iso the problem came back so looks like its time to add each hot fix one at a time to see if i can locate the issue [edit] after some playing around i beleave i have found the offending patch that is causing me the reboot loop issue its IE7-WindowsXP-KB961260-x86-ENU.exe i was able to intergrate every other patch i downloded with out incedent and the iso worked just fine so it seems clear that its this patch thats misbehavige and doing somthing that its not suposed to be what its doing i dont know mabe somone smarter than me could look in to it see if they can spot whats goin on
  11. hi all I'm following this guide http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/5/ to make an up to date windows disk before i reset my system due to a bad update to SP3 which has fouled things up but I'm slightly confused about which download list i need for windows update downloader the xp sp2 or xp sp3 list my windows cd comes with xp sp2 by default and i have already extracted my windows cd and integrated sp3 so I'm now at the point where i need to integrate all the latest hot fixes but like i said I'm not quite sure which download list i need to go with the sp2 or sp3 list presumably it would be the sp3 list as i only need hot fixes and updates released after sp3 but i just wanted to check and make sure
  12. I had considered that but id prefair to leave the file protection active to make sure the system doesn't become unstable but id like to remove non critical components from the file protection coz they shouldn't be there and its causing phantom folders which is anoying
  13. hi all I used xplite to remove several unneeded components from win xp home but now I'm left with empty xerox Microsoft ActiveSync microsoft frontpage movie maker msn gaming zone netmeeting outlook express folders that I cant delete now if I tell xplite to completely disable windows file protection then I'm able to get rid of them trouble is that as soon as I re-enable windows file protection to guard the systems important files the empty folders come back again now looking in to this I came across a method of removing files from windows file protection by modifying the sfcfiles.dll problem is that I don't really know what i'm doing and i was wondering if someone could help here is the article in question http://www.bitsum.com/aboutwfp.asp ideally id like to completely remove the above from windows file protection as there not needed and have been removed from my system by xplite can any one help ??
  14. hi all have been using 98se for a long time and i have to say its my favourite M$ OS sure newer systems have there advantages but there just so dam bloated and slow this and gapes unofficial 98se service pack are an absolute god send coz with M$ ending support its almost impossible to keep 98se updated hell even before M$ ended support it was still really hard to know if your system was fully patched with 98lite to remove superfluous functions I don't need gapes unofficial 98se service pack and this to patch anything that doesn't cover I can now be confident that my old 98se box is as patched and current as it can possibly be Outstanding Job keep up the excellent work I shall be watching this one closely just a quick question i would like to create the ultimate customised hybrid 98se system for this I use 98 Lite and 98 to ME my question is what order would I have to do things obviously I'd install 98se first with 98lite and I'd remove all the excess garbage and update things like IE to there current versions but what would i do then would i install Gapes pack then run the autopatcher and then run 98 to ME ?? and also is there a 98 to ME autopatcher that will patch any problems introduced by newer ME files ??? also a further though what about creating the ultimate 98 se update and customization package that combines 98lite gapes package the autopatcher and 98 to ME and a 98 to ME autopatcher to deal with any problems introduced by newer ME file in to one package ??? that way anyone like me that wanted to create the ultimate hybrid system could do so easily safe in the knowledge that everything had been done correctly i realise this may not be possible for a lot of reasons but though i'd ask anyway
  15. hi thanks for your replays I was actually referring to how exactly I need to edit the msi file rather that how to use ORCA though information on both would be useful cue msi expert hee
  16. hi ok so from what I understand having looked at ORCA I need to have 2000 or higher installed to use it is that correct ?? ok so once I have ORCA installed what do I need to then ?? can you provide step by step instructions ?? because never having attempted anything like this I'm not sure exactly what I'm doing
  17. hi all i have a copy of Norton system works 2005 and im trying to install norton utilities as a stand alone package like it once was so i copyed the contents of the norton utilities folder to my desktop and then double clicked on the NU.msi to install norton utilities but the installer is being a pain and keeps telling me it must be inviked through the main setup file and i was wondering if there is a way i can override this and make it install norton utilities on its own unencumberd by all the extra system works intergration
  18. hi the version of this patch that is contained in Service Pack 2.1a is that's the one causing problems I extracted the files from the service pack and have them here the version numbers & creation dates on them are before you say it no I have never had the official kb 891711 Microsoft version installed because its faulty I know but I shouldn't have to keep logging in to safe mode to remove faulty components after sp update I should just be able to opt out of installing it in the first place and while I'm on the subject of Add/Remove programs the uninstall link for KB891711 that the Service Pack places in the add and remove is faulty to the only way I found to uninstall this was to open the KB891711 folder and right click on the .inf file and click the uninstall option and while I'm on the subject of faulty uninstall links in the add and remove panel did the faulty uninstall link for tweak ui that I reported some time ago ever get fixed ?
  19. hi all I know I have reported this before but as its still not been sorted out I'm so reporting it again kb 891711 is still locking up my computer on restart after install of the service pack I don't know is anyone else is having this problem but its extremely annoying and I would request that it either be removed or have an option so that id doesn't get installed because quite clearly this patch hasn't been sufficiently fixed so that it works for everyone despite what Microsoft say
  20. hi sorry for not getting back sooner I've been trying to track down the cause of my trouble and I think it may be something to do with the nvidias graphic drivers see I've had this annoying restart bug when I've had the sp installed when iv had only updates from the windows update sight installed and when I've just done a clean install with 98lite and had neither the sp nor updates from windows update installed The only commonality all 3 times was the graphics drivers I had installed my best guess is that its either something to do with 98lite or my install using 98lite or a bug with there drivers because uninstalling then seems to have been the only way I've found to make the problem go away if anyone can shed some light on this problem it would be much appreciated
  21. hi all I'm always on the look out for ways to make 98se work as good as possible as I don't like xp but doing all of these custom modifications can be somewhat time consuming when doing a clean install after repartitioning and reformatting to this end I'm looking for some guidance as to how to build the perfect 98se os install disk so that I can have some of these steps done automatically now what I'm wondering is if I can replace other files on the 98se install disk so for instance after slipstreaming the USP could I also slip stream the latest version of IE, DirectX and the dial up networking 1.4 upgrade and if so how ?? also would it be possible to slipstream the 98SE to ME service pack to the 98se install disk so that when doing a clean install the most up-to-date files are automatically installed effectively turning win 98second edition into windows 98 millennium edition ??
  22. here are the version numbersUSER.EXE v4.10.2231 USER32.DLL v4.10.2231 GDI.EXE v4.10.2225 GDI32.DLL v4.10.2225 ????? no normaly i just format the drive and install windows what are AGP/mainboard drivers?
  23. well we are starting to get some where it would definatley apper that the reboot problem is a result of a conflict with the grafic drivers when i removed then the computer booted as it should only bad news is that as soon as i reinstalled the drivers the problem came back again and the computer wouldnt boot up so right now im sitting here with no grafic drivers installed the uninstall has left another glitch note the lil black boxes that shouldnt be there
  24. hi do you mean uninstall and reinstall my grafic drivers ?

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