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Localisation for xpize 5 Release 6


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Guys, I made a mistake in the latest table I posted, I'll upload a correction with further information shortly.

Sorry about making you make little changes here and there.

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Thanks for the updates guys. I'm almost ready to push out the release. I've been spending the past few days improving uninstallation, and I'm pretty much done now.

I made a mistake with the string for "E_A_feedbackLbl" and "E_A_feedbackLbl_Cus": I put the string formatting placeholders (those "{0}" and "{1}" things you see around) in the wrong place.

So if people could translate these by simply posting in this thread that'd be great:

E_A_feedbackLbl - Why are you uninstalling this package? Your feedback will be sent to the developer to improve the package in future.

E_A_feedbackLbl_Cus - Why are you uninstalling {0}? Your feedback will be sent to {1} to improve {0} in future.

Also, the Arabic, Farsi, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Swedish translations need to include the new strings relating to feedback (starting with "G2"). These are included in this update:


Thanks all!

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