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  1. Thanks, but the tagging software works properly since yesterday with same settings, I dont know why...
  2. Hi, everyone. Why the tag info in mp3 file cannot be correctly edited even I make the setting of my mp3 tag software to be unicode? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hey, I'm BACK!!!~ I am ABSOLUTELY excited about the new project and successor of xpize...SEVENIZE!!!~ Formally say goodbye to xpize and welcome its successor, I just look forward to seeing some experts in programming in helping W3bbo's debugging procedures. Wish you all make the born of SEVENIZE smoothly soon, CHEERS!!!~
  4. tkrojam

    xpize 5 lite

    Hi everyone, Could anybody re-upload the installer of this release of xpize 5 lite version? I have lost and urgent for use, Thanks in advance. - xpize 5 lite 0.1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- = Changes compared to xpize 5 Release 6 * Removed all custom visual styles and themes (except some Luna Element bitmaps) * Removed custom WinRar and 7-zip themes * Removed custom cursor scheme * Added fix to standard 3D-White cursor scheme (you need to reselect it in Control Panel) * Some minor fixes
  5. Well, Have you ever tried "Badongo" http://www.badongo.com/ It shows how many times the file has been downloaded. In fact, if I think that lite version is more tailor-made with my expectation, I will choose it then.
  6. tkrojam

    xpize 5 Release 6

    Please refer: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=882283
  7. Cheers, I'd support you to get better based on the current release!~ In my point of view, SIMPLE IS GOOD FOR EVERYTHING!!! And...Can you upload the file on a server without limitation?
  8. tkrojam

    xpize 5 Release 6

    I found a mistake appeared in the language option of installation, please correct this before the next release, thanks. Please correct the wording in red circle from "英文" to "繁體中文" (That means traditional Chinese) and also the correct national flag would be the attached one (HK.gif).
  9. tkrojam

    xpize 5 lite

    OH~That's Great!!! I've tried and I think it's more tailor-made for installation~ Thanks for your work!~I do buy it~
  10. tkrojam

    xpize 5 lite

    Yeah, it has been downloaded 8 times, and it was removed automatically after a week of non activity. Please advise me some nice upload server, and I'll upload it once more . Sendspace, Rapidshare, Megaupload and Yousendit are all upload servers I am used to. You can choose one which all xpize users are permitted by their ISP.
  11. tkrojam

    xpize 5 lite

    I do support on your project. The aim of xpize is to make Windows XP more XP (style-matched), this is what I have mentioned in this forum many many times. All other customizations should theoretically not included in the application. If those users wanna make their XP more fashioned or stylish, they may download this type of software on the web for another purpose. By the way, it is unreachable about your upload "http://www.filesavr.com/xpize5lite01", is it available if you put it on another upload server?
  12. tkrojam

    xpize 5 Release 6

    You know, I've ever tried both xpize4 and 5...The most obvious disparity of users' experience is installer packaging, as a user, I can try comparison between both versions. In fact, I am very impressed in the re-programming in the installer of application. (Even I know nothing about computer science, I can realize you guys spend a lot on this revolution. In here, I make my appreciation to you all) Then I fully expect what the new release of xpize5 can make my xp machine more style-matched. However, I observed that there is not so many differences made compared with the previous one. In the other words, it is reasonable that the elements and components which have been xpized in xpize4 are all kept for the new version. But the others did not get xpized in xpize4 were not still modified in 5. (Actually, some of them has been listed by Hell Racer) Is it sensible that every application, including xpize, the newer version is based on the older one to make it out the improvements? We can see some of stuff didn't get done or imperfect, then find them out and make modification. This is called improvement based on the aim of xpize. The phenomenon is, xpize3 is better than xpize2 , xpize 4 is also better than xpize3...If we think that xpize4 is already made better enough, why don't we expect that xpize5 is the final version because it will be the perfect one? I believe all previously released versions of xpize, not only xpize 4, are precious resources and experience. Users expect that the team can make more effort on not only the macro-development of the application but also the micro-development. Overall using experience is the critical element to judge whether a software succeed or not. I can see your points, and I do post and list out all imperfect as I observed and found. Thanks.
  13. tkrojam

    xpize 5 Release 6

    Hi, W3bbo. As a user, I do appreciate for your contribution of this software. I tried from xpize5 r1 to r6 and I see the revolution of xpize. But the point is, xpize5 is not so user-friendly compared with the previous one during the installation. In xpize4, all items are clearly listed to make user to choose from. In fact, users expect improvements version by version. Till this moment, xpize5 got version 6, there are also bugs existed in the language option. Some of windows still have a lot of old icons... How many version will still be released in the near future? They expect the final version, not under-debugging versions indeed. There is no meaning to make a lot of release, install, uninstall then install... We realize that programming on this project needs time and energy, we will still always support you to make it fully satisfactory. All my wordings are sincere and I never mean to be negative. Anyway, keep trying your best in the coming days. Again, thanks a lot and have a nice vacation.
  14. Hi, this is tkrojam from Hong Kong!~~ ok, here is the new Traditional Chinese (zh-HK) language file for xpize 5 Release 6 zh_HK.zip
  15. Thanks a LOT for making xpize reborn, W3bbo! U know, xpize has become the most important software of my machine. Did you plan to work on a similar project for 7? Maybe named as "sevenize"?
  16. What a BIG BIG news for everyone including me!!! It's time for us to celebrate!!!~~~
  17. OMG~! I just recall one thing... I forgot to utilize the localization tool for doing my translation... Therefore, I took 2 hours to make it completed...
  18. I wanna know will there be also Korean for xpize5?
  19. Hey, tkrojam from Hong Kong has finished his Traditional Chinese translation!!! Here I upload is the finished StringTable2, called StringTable2__TC_.txt. Please check it out~ I've checked it three times already. Tell me if I modify something wrong. Thanks. StringTable2__TC_.txt
  20. Actually, I am afraid I misunderstand to read the meaning. Do you mean I should only download the file "StringTable2.txt" and translate the characters, and I can ignore the files located in http://anol.is/misc/partialTranslations/? BTW, what means of "Anolis distribution" in this string? <value>Installs a package located in this Anolis distribution or elsewhere in this computer. The package can be installed to a setup files (I386) folder.</value>
  21. Yes, you can!- And we can help you, if you have any questions. In the string table file you will find such elements: Just translate the phrase between the <value> tags (its bold and underlined in this example) - please leave everything else, how it is. Thanks!~ What do I need to do and download then? Please illustrate the procedures for me as well.
  22. Hi, this is tkrojam from Hong Kong, I wanna make contribution on xpize 5 project, so I am pleased to make xpize translation of language of Traditional Chinese! But the point is, I know nothing about computer programming... Can I still be capable on this?

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