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  1. i'm sorry, it seems a little late? here is the zh-CN: E_A_feedbackLbl - 您为何要卸载此封包? 您的反馈将被发送给制作者以继续改进此封包. E_A_feedbackLbl_Cus - 您为何要卸载 {0}? 您的反馈将被发送给 {1} 以继续改进 {0}.
  2. here u go~ new zh-CN lng file zh_CN.rar
  3. ok, here is the new Simplified Chinese (zh-CN) language file for xpize 5 Release 6 zh_CN.rar
  4. Simplified Chinese (zh-CN) Language File hope its not too late A_DisableAV在继续之前, 请先禁用 Windows Defender 和任何其它反病毒程序, 因为它们会减慢安装过程. [*]C_A_notFileExists 文件 {0} 不存在 [*]C_A_selectEmbeddedPackageFirst 在继续之前请先选择一个内嵌的封包 [*]C_B_conditionError 评估封包与计算机的兼容性时遇到错误. 请联系封包的作者. [*]E_A_notValidDirectory 指定的目录不包含有效的封包卸载程序 [*]G_Title 请等待... [*]G_WaitMessage 现在将重启您的计算机 [*]Wiz_CancelConfirm 您确定要取消安装吗?
  5. heeroyuyj

    Vize 2

    i hope Vize also works with Windos 7 Windows 7 have many non-Vista/7 UI too
  6. i hope its not too late for u, bro~ 'coz im just finished the Simplified Chinese (zh-CN) Language File i packed the zh-CN.resx with WinRAR, check it out zh_CN.rar

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