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small convenient usb drive

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do you have any idea for a usb stick that its form would be small (tiny if possible) and convenient?

there are pen usb drives, key holders, locket etc, but I would like something very small that will take minimum space


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Well, it can be smaller, microSD readers like the Kingston and Transcends microSD USB reader. You can remove the protector from the reader so it will stick out 12mm or so from the USB port plus it's strong build (perfect for car-stereos).


ADATA had a very small one, but I can't find it any more on their webpage, but it looked like this, it sticks out like 7mm or so:


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there is some restriction about 4GB in older Windows versions

fyi, 4GB is the limit for file size on a FAT32 partition.

2GB was the limit for a partition in FAT16

Win95b and later (Win98) support FAT32.

Win98 still does not support NTFS. Also does not recognize USB drives out of the box but there are universal additional drivers to be found.

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I have got a 1GB Sony "micro vault tiny". It is very small and comes with a little pouch to protect it. They come in up to 4GB I think, maybe more, and I have had mine for almost two years! Still works good. Been squashed in my bag and abused but takes it all. Fast and looks great. There's my little review of that for you :lol:

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