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always the newest SWFLASH.CAB (, June 2014)


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Current version of Flash Player: If you install the Flash Player (Setup from Adobe) you will get a windows service installed for automatic updates. If you use HFSLIP to integrate the Flash Player into the Windows XP CD you can decide to take the Flash Player with or without the updater.

Flash Player w/o updater: SWFLASH.CAB
Flash Player with updater: SWFLASH.CAB (but updater is deactivated - you have to configure it!)

Extract SWFLASH.CAB from Zip!!!


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both of the links MimO posted in this thread are working as well as those two on tommyp's list - at least for me. Maybe it's worth a second attempt (from another computer)? Good luck

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Sorry about that. I was quite sure it was down since I had tried it on 2 machines and on 4 browsers. Turned out the ActiveX filtering on my router was the problem. :blushing:

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does is support the firefox?
I'm always using IE8. But as far as I know, the firefox needs the "plugin-version" of the flash player instead of the ActiveX-version. You will find the plugin-version also in the first post. The CAB only contains the ActiveX-version. Edited by Mim0
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