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  1. IE8 support?

    hi, for me the beta k work with ie8 but branding.cab in hfcabs don't integrate ..... anyone are tested ? thanks
  2. IE8 support?

    I tried that but it didn't work. What I have to do so HFAAO folder will work? I just put only extract.exe in HFTOOLS folder? Also what files go in HFAAO folder? Cabs and 7zs? hi, put the file in 7z to hfaao but put the file 7za.exe in hftools folder for work.
  3. IE8 support?

    Thanks for the info, i test it .....
  4. HFSLIP and .NET 1.1/2.0/3.0

    hi, for me, i have put dnf11 and dnf20 in HFSVCPACK_SW1 and put DNF30 and DNF35 in HFGUIRUNONCE but you can put all to HFSVCPACK_SW1
  5. IE8 support?

    hello, for me too , it's a very bad news .... hfslip it's very good for install xp. i test ie8 in runonce ....
  6. Thanks for the fast reply, i test it ....
  7. Thanks for this i have DFN11fr.exe DFN20SP2fr.exe DFN30SP2fr.exe and DFN35SP1fr.exe how to integrate it to hfslip ? thanks
  8. List of Office 2003 post-SP3 hotfixes

    replace kb959614 by 962870 outlfltr
  9. Thanks for this ... i recreated my windows cd.
  10. [Tool] Windows Live Messenger Creator

    this is the first revision in french ...... you can send me a pm to modify string ..... Thanks french.zip
  11. [Tool] Windows Live Messenger Creator

    in control pannel, i have a "installation windows live", click sur modify/del and it's lauch a apps to remove messenger.
  12. [Tool] Windows Live Messenger Creator

    with my email, the windows live id is ok.... sorry for report to bug.
  13. [Tool] Windows Live Messenger Creator

    ooooops, it's me, i have entered my id (10 characters decimal) and not my email, i retest it after.... you can enlarge little the location (two location) in .cache folder i have trad 50% in french ..... it's continued..... QUOTE (Pgase @ Feb 24 2009, 05:45 AM) * ... uninstall process works with this ? you can uninstall with : msiexec /x messenger.msi you can change messenger.msi with the code of it.
  14. [Tool] Windows Live Messenger Creator

    hi, i have a little problem with tweeks, the number of passeport is different in tweaks.reg .... a little bug the number in wlmc.ini is ok in windows tweaks, personal, webcam large the windows text for translate (show for others users... webcam) Thanks for this tools.
  15. List of Office 2003 post-SP3 hotfixes

    replace kb959140 outlfltr by kb959614outlfltr