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  1. I spent hours recently playing with the wget options and the best I could get was for the files to download with 1/2 the url attached to the front of the filename. Everything worked about a year ago but doesn't now for some reason, either the MS webstite or a wget bug I suspect. I think the crucial settings are for the no_parent and robots to be off and the accept options to be just right. The batch downloading now uses aria2 instead of wget, but I've managed to use wget to get the direct link (see the attached wget.ini for the options I've used). Using direct links is the best option but the problem for multilanguage support is I'd have to get every link for every file and that will take time. The problematic files are the ones marked ENU on my update list (I'm on linux and can't validate!). wget.zip
  2. New dowload batches are up. If you want the new installer for DirectX 9.0c then you need to open up the filelist and uncomment it. The EPA Enable below can be gotten here. Changelog :- Added : [EPA Enable] KB968389 (regfile which is needed to enable EPA) Replaced : [indeo Codec] KB955759 replaced by KB2492386 (this was missed from April's Patch Tuesday) Updated : [Adobe Flash] Updated to v10.2.159.1 Misc: Batch Downloading - Reported as not working, so wget has been discarded and a more reliable method is now used Misc: Batch Downloading - Now uses aria2 to do parallel downloading of up to 8 files simultaneously using direct links Misc: Batch Downloading - Now displays a summary of each download session at the end Misc: Batch Downloading - All files in the filelists are labelled for easier searching Misc: Batch Downloading - In future it should be possible to add/remove updates from the filelist via scripting Misc: Batch Downloading - Fixed : KB958655 (MSI 4.5) wasn't downloaded (this affected the Regular and Extra batches) Misc: Batch Downloading - Fixed : there was a regression where the batch didn't change to the HFSLIP root directory Misc: Batch Downloading - Fixed : problems echoing text caused the batch to fail Misc: Batch Downloading - Fixed : links for manual downloads are now echoed properly Misc: Batch Downloading - Fixed : benign error messages about files not existing are now suppressed Misc: Batch Downloading - KB976002 (Browser Choice for EU) gets correctly named if you already have it Misc: Batch Downloading - Added warning about uncommenting the 'new' DirectX 9.0c
  3. Glad it works! I'm still using the wget chase method to get the direct links, so it still has its uses. The summary at the end is better too. Also, I think aria2 would beat wget even if wget was using direct links as wget gets one file after the other rather than getting several at once. Aria2 also splits up the larger files (40MB+) into separate d/load threads, which is good if you're getting everything from scratch (ie directx redist + SP3). You could use the batches for downloading into a single directory, you'd just need to remove all the ' dir=' lines from the filelist. A sed script would be best for this.
  4. New batches posted. Thanks for the feedback, I'll reply in more detail later on. Just a few points, I think the echo comments in the previous batch might have had problems because they weren't enclosed in double quotes. If the new ones show the same error then please open the bat in notepad and put quotes around the words eg echo "blah blah blah". If it still doesn't work then just delete the echo lines. I've put a line in to change to the right drive and directory cd /d %~dp0, this was somehow missed from before when I think using a directory of \HFSLIP was a pre-requisite. I've tested the main aria2 command under linux and it downloads everything into the right directory, the Regular batch took 15mins to download everything (I'm on an 8Mbit ADSL connection). aria2 does parallel downloading (wget is serial), so this works well for any HFSLIP newbies! All filelists come from the same spreadsheet that I use for my XP update list so (in theory) should be as accurate as that, plus I'm using a nix program called sed to format the lists. Bigdb, thanks for your help on this. I'll look into tidying up the del commands with the 2> nul later on. It might be possible at some stage to resurrect using a spreadsheet so people can 'roll their own' update lists.
  5. The new batches for Batch Downloading are up. The download batches and hotfix list are made with a spreadsheet and for the last few weeks I've been working on adding a bit more automation and error-checking to it, so hopefully these kind of bugs won't appear in future
  6. The Batch Download scripts have been updated. The required wget.ini file is now supplied with each batch script and I've also put a link to wget.exe in the above msfn thread. This should simplify things a lot.
  7. http://download.microsoft.com/download/8/F/B/8FBA9864-DBD3-42D9-A1E8-D6F22E6EA262/rootsupd.exe Thanks Max
  8. Has anyone got direct links for the new rootsupd.exe & WindowsXP-KB2524375-x86-ENU.exe?
  9. Yes, KB956744 contains a lot. But the most is not for the SP3GDR-branch I'm pretty sure that hfslip uses the QFE version of hotfixes.
  10. I've updated the Batch Downloading page.
  11. This page is handy if you want to know the latest version http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/.
  12. Updated. I've added a new batch called extra which I hope will suit most people who want nearly every update, see top post
  13. It's debatable as to whether KB967715 is necessary or not. I'm keeping the regfile listed so that people can easily disable autorun for all drives or edit it to suit their own situations. Tomalak's post goes into more detail.
  14. Here's a couple of batch files which work with wget as described above to download all the main updates and have the previous 6 months of obsolete files automatically deleted.. I'm only doing this for ENU updates, but anyone is welcome to have a go themselves. The batch file will download almost everything down to and including the Common Updates section in this list - http://www.vorck.com/windows/hotfixes_xp.html. Anything requiring manual download will be displayed at the start so you can copy and paste the link (currently these are Adobe Flash, Autorun Disable and a couple of Office Update files). If you want any updates below the Common Updates section then open the bat file up in a text editor and comment out the leading REM statement. Similarly, if you don't want an update then just REM it out. (Note : Win Messenger 5.1 from the Extras & Upgrades section is downloaded by default for security reasons in the non-vanilla batch file). To help with searching within the batfile, all updates are labelled by way of adding a REM at the end of each line.You can run Mimo's filechecker afterwards to see if any updates are missing. Try and figure out any problems yourself as I don't use Windows at the moment and probably won't be able to troubleshoot. *** To see what updates each batch downloads and to get the batches click here to go to the top post ***
  15. Seems like we'll have to wait. http://blogs.msdn.com/b/chuckw/archive/2010/11/30/dxwebsetup-update.aspx "We are currently evaluating when we might update the DirectX End-User Runtimes (stand-alone) with these fixes."
  16. It would be good if we had someone providing a dropbox link so that the url is the same from month to month.
  17. October's XP Update List is now up http://www.vorck.com/windows/hotfixes_xp.html Thanks to -X- for pointing out that KB923561 is now obsolete and also Maxfutur, ykchanaed and jvidal for providing links to some of the CAB files
  18. Have a look here for more info.
  19. It's not possible to slipstream KB968930 according to mimo's list. You could maybe try installing it after installing Windows XP.
  20. Anyone?This may work (i had the same problem a few weeks ago but lucky, had a backup somewhere), for later, for someone else: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=CZ4AR33X Thanks Maxfutur
  21. Hi JonWell As Mimo indicated the regfile stops WU complaining about KB967715 being missing. As the security update which replaced shell32.dll from KB967715 didn't set the HonorAutoRunSetting, it's easier all round to use the regfile instead of installing two updates.
  22. Hi JonWell Thanks for the kind words. I'm just doing the new list and the KB link for KB979482 is now fixed for when the new page goes up. The msxml 3/6 fixes are a bit of a nightmare, but I've just had a look and see what you mean. If msxml3 from KB2079403 can overwrite that of KB973687 without causing any errors then I'll list 973687 instead of 973686. The KB982664 doesn't appear to have a kb article page yet, but I'll put that in too. I'm not sure what to do about IEAWSDC.CAB and opuc4.cab as I couldn't find any working links to them on microsoft's site. If they're no longer available from MS, then maybe someone would like to host them somewhere? I'll fix the link to MUAuth.cab too. Thanks for the reports, they're very much appreciated

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